Magazine Locations

kula shakerz    2003-03-04, 15:54 pm.

In this guide you'll see the location of all the magazines in Final Fantasy VIII. Its a good idea to get them all, especially the Montly Weapons magazines.

Combat King 001 - Cell on Floor 1 of the D-District Prison. Combat King 002 - Win from first fight with Rajin and Fujin. Combat King 003 - Go to Balamb hotel after talking several times to the girl on the library committee who has a crush on Zell. Combat King 004 - Talk to the Esthar Soldier(s) after the Lunar Cry. Combat King 005 - You'll find this one inside the Lunatic Pandora.

Occult Fan I - Look in Balamb Garden's Library, on the bookshelf. Occult Fan II - In Dollet, in the room where you play cards (in a magazine stack). Occult Fan III - Speak with the old fisherman in FH when you first arrive. Occult Fan IV - Right next to the door to the meeting room in Esthar (Presidential Residence).

Pet Pals vol.1 - This one is located in the train you take to Timber. Pet Pals vol.2 - You'll find it in Rinoa's bed. Pet Pals vol.3 - You can get this one from the Timber Pet Shop. Pet Pals vol.4 - This one is also available in the Timber Pet Shop. Pet Pals vol.5 - You'll be able to get this issue in the Esthar Pet Shop. Pet Pals vol.6 - This volume is also located in the Esthar Pet Shop.

Timber Maniacs Locations: Balamb - In hotel, on table to right of save point. Deling City - In the Galbadia Hotel, under the middle bed. Dollet - Inside the pub, on top of the card table on the second floor. Dollet - In the hotel, on the table in the room. Edea's House - On the floor inside the house. Fisherman's Horizon - In the hotel room in front of the bookcase. Fisherman's Horizon - On the floor of Grease Monkey's shop. Timber - On the floor of the Timber Maniacs Editorial Department. Timber - In the hotel on a round table inside the room. Shumi Village - In the Artisan's house on his bed. Trabia Garden - In the graveyard on the left of the draw point. White SeeD Ship - On the floor of the top bridge.

Weapons Monthly 1st - Lunatic Pandora Lab in the past with Laguna Weapons Monthly March - Win from the battle with Elvoret at the Dollet Communication Tower. Weapons Monthly April - Inside Squall's dorm room after the SeeD graduation. Weapons Monthly May - Located in the Sewers in Deling City. Weapons Monthly June - Win from the battle with BGH251F2 at the Galbadian Missile Base. Weapons Monthly July - On the ground in the Balamb Garden Training Centre after the Galbadia Garden attack. Weapons Monthly August - In front of the gargoyle statue in Trabia Garden.

SeeD Tests

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In Final Fantasy 8, you don't receive money by defeating monsters, you get paid every once and a while for being a SeeD soldier. The higher your rank is the more money (Gil) you earn during the game. You can access the tests from the Tutorial section of the menu (only after you have graduated as a SeeD). Each test...

Triple Triad

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In Final Fantasy VIII there is a mini game called Triple Triad. This guide will tell you how to get started and it has a list of all 100 cards. Getting Started: To start playing Triple Trial you'll need some cards, to get some just go to the guy standing outside the elevator in Balamb Garden, talk to him and...

Chocobo Forests

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In this guide we'll tell you how to get to the different Chocobo Forests in Final Fantasy VIII. We'll also give you Chocoboy's clues. 01: The Beginner's Forest Location: The Beginner's Forest is located not far from the Shumi Village on Winter Island. Chocoboy's advice: "Try to find a spot where only one falls down." 02: The Basics Forest Location:...