Chocobo Forests

kula shakerz    2003-04-17, 13:06 pm.

In this guide we'll tell you how to get to the different Chocobo Forests in Final Fantasy VIII. We'll also give you Chocoboy's clues.

01: The Beginner's Forest

Location: The Beginner's Forest is located not far from the Shumi Village on Winter Island. Chocoboy's advice: "Try to find a spot where only one falls down."

02: The Basics Forest

Location: The Basics Forest is in Sorbald Snowfield on Trabia's west coast, south of Shumi Village. Chocoboy's advice: "You only need to blow the whistle twice."

03: The Roaming Forest

Location: The Basics Forest is located north of Trabia Garden. Chocoboy's advice: "Be careful where the sonar reacts."

04: Forest of Fun

Location: The Forest of Fun is east of Edea's House in the Lenown Plains on the Centra Continent. Chocoboy's advice: "Chocobowling with 4 bottles, 1 ball."

05: Forest of Solitude

Location: If you don' have the Ragnorok, this can be a very hard forest to find. Go to the Centra continent (south of Fisherman's Horizon), and go to the northernmost part. You will have to disembark from the garden, and walk around a narrow path that goes around a mountain range to find this hidden forest. Chocoboy's advice: "Search carefully where the Sonar reacts."

06: The Enclosed Forest

Location: The Enclosed Forest is located on the south side of the Talle Mountains in southern Esthar. Chocoboy's advice: "Collect on outer side, then go in."

SeeD Tests

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In Final Fantasy 8, you don't receive money by defeating monsters, you get paid every once and a while for being a SeeD soldier. The higher your rank is the more money (Gil) you earn during the game. You can access the tests from the Tutorial section of the menu (only after you have graduated as a SeeD). Each test...

Triple Triad

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In Final Fantasy VIII there is a mini game called Triple Triad. This guide will tell you how to get started and it has a list of all 100 cards. Getting Started: To start playing Triple Trial you'll need some cards, to get some just go to the guy standing outside the elevator in Balamb Garden, talk to him and...

Magazine Locations

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In this guide you'll see the location of all the magazines in Final Fantasy VIII. Its a good idea to get them all, especially the Montly Weapons magazines. Combat King 001 - Cell on Floor 1 of the D-District Prison. Combat King 002 - Win from first fight with Rajin and Fujin. Combat King 003 - Go to Balamb hotel...