Stellatzio Coins

kula shakerz    2003-03-17, 16:06 pm.

The Stellatzio coins are hidden throughout the world of Gaia. If you collect them all and hand them over to Queen Stella in Treno, then she'll give you items in exchange. Here we'll tell you where to look for them and what you get when you give them to Stella.

01: Aries

You'll find it on the 1st floor of the windmill in Dali. The reward is 1.000 Gil.

02: Taurus

It's located behind the item shop in Treno. The reward is a Phoenix's Pinion.

03: Gemini

Throw 130 Gil into the fountain at the entrance of Treno. The reward is 2000 Gil.

04: Cancer

Burmecia, left side, behind crate after passing through first gate. The reward is the Blood Sword.

05: Leo

Look in the left tower on the right side behind Neptune statue in Alexandria Castle. The reward is 5000 Gil.

06: Virgo

This one is located in the Inn in the Black Mage Village. The reward is a Elixir.

07: Libra

Have a look behind/near a fountain in Madain Sari. The reward is 10,000 Gil.

08: Scorpio

Climb down the rope in Quan's Dwelling and look in the lower right corner of the screen. The reward is a Black Belt.

09: Sagittarius

Go to the business area of Lindblum and look to the left of the old lady that is selling Gysahl Pickles. The reward is 20,000 Gil.

10: Capricorn

Look in the waterway not far from the entrance of Daguerreo. The reward is Rosetta's Ring.

11: Aquarius

You will find this one in a treasure chest in Ipsen's Castle. The reward is 30,000 Gil.

12: Pisces

Look for a treasure chest at the centre of the ship (Invincible). The reward is a Robe of Lords.

13: Ophiuchus

Return to Quan's Dwelling where you found Scorpio. You will be rewarded with a Hammer and a extra scene at the end of the game.

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