Hunting Festival

kula shakerz    2003-03-17, 20:59 pm.

During the game Zidane will get invited to participate in a Hunting Festival. The Hunting Festival consists of a 12 minutes long battle sequence where you must defeat as many monsters as possible to earn "Festival Points". When there is less than 4 minutes left in the battle, you will be joined by Freija who will help you. When the Hunting Festival is over you'll be awarded with items corresponding to your raking in the Hunting Festival List. Here's a list of the different monsters and the number of points you will get for killing them.

01: Moo

8 to 14 points.

02: Trick Sparrow

2 to 13 points.

03: Fang

16 to 27 points.

04: Zangal

50 to 60 points.

Tetra Master

sifar    2003-03-03   

Tetra Master is a card game played all over the world. To find out who is willing to play the game, you must walk up to a person and press the square button to challenge them. Two results can occur of this action. One, the person challenged will accept it. Two, the person will talk to you as if no...

Card Listing

sifar    2003-03-04   

The following guide shows you the names of all the 100 Tetra Master cards in Final Fantasy IX. The cards have been divided into categories for your convenience. Monsters: Goblin, Fang, Skeleton, Flan, Zaghnol, Lizard Man, Zombie, Bomb, Ironite, Sahagin, Yeti, Mimic, Wyerd, Mandragora, Crawler, Sand Scorpion, Nymph, Sand Golem, Zuu, Dragonfly, Carrion Worm, Cereberus, Antlion, Cactuar, Gimme Cat, Ragtimer,...

Stellatzio Coins

kula shakerz    2003-03-17   

The Stellatzio coins are hidden throughout the world of Gaia. If you collect them all and hand them over to Queen Stella in Treno, then she'll give you items in exchange. Here we'll tell you where to look for them and what you get when you give them to Stella. 01: Aries You'll find it on the 1st floor of...