The Guide To The Ultimate Weapons

AlterGenesis-X    2005-03-06, 07:50 am.

In this guide you will learn how to build each characters Ultimate Weapon. You will be provided with the items necessary and how to acquire them.

Squall Leonhart Weapon: Gunblade Ultimate Weapon: Lion Heart How to Acquire: Adamantine: 1 Dragon Fang: 4 Pulse Ammo: 12

Where to find: Adamantine - defeat Adamantoise or Change Minotaur card into item.

Dragon Fang - From Blue Dragon and Tonberry.

Pulse Ammo - Elnoyle or change Energy Crystal to 12 Pulse Ammo, Laser Cannon to 5 Pulse Ammo and Power Generator for 20 Pulse Ammo.

Rinoa Heartilly Weapon: Pinwheel Ultimate Weapon: Shooting Star How to Acquire: Windmill: 2 Regen Ring: 1 Force Armlet: 1 Energy Crystal : 2

Where to find:

Windmill - From Abyss Worm change card to an item.

Regen Ring - Steal from Toroma/Chimera or battle prize. Change card into an item.

Force Armlet - From Ochu and Malboro or at the Esthar pet shop.

Energy Crystal - From Ruby Dragon.

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