A Fabulous Decade
Brendan    2007-04-24, 22:04 pm.

Square Enix has given fans the world over reasons to clap and cry, all at once. In an interview with Nintendo Dream, and subsequently hijacked by IGN, Shinji Hashimoto divulged more details on the company’s intentions to draw out the Fabula Nova Crystallis project over the next ten years, likening it to the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII series.

"Although speaking with a Nintendo magazine, Hashimoto brought up Final Fantasy XIII as a comparison for Square Enix's decision to expand upon the FFVII storyline through the Compilation project years after the game's original release. 'Different from something like VII, which we expanded upon afterwards, with Fabula Nova Crystallis FFXIII, we've thought about an expansive world setting from the start. Under the idea of wanting everyone to be sucked into the world for 10 years, we're preparing a number of categories.' He likened this approach to films like Star Wars, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings."

Fans of the venerated series should strap on their helmets, because the next ten years are looking to be packed with lucky number XIII.

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Type-0 HD 80% Done, Says Tabata

Brendan    2014-08-29    5 comments

At the PAX Prime videogame conference in Seattle, WA this week attendees were treated to roughly 20 minutes of the HD Remaster of Final Fantasy Type-0. It's the first serious mention of the remaster's existence and progress from Square Enix since being formally announced at E3 2014 back in June. Back then, Almost immediately after the game's announcement, a fan...

Fan-made Final Fantasy Type-0 localization coming in August

kula shakerz    2014-03-15    3 comments

Final Fantasy Type-0, originally named Final Fantasy Agito XIII, was first presented during E3 2006 as part of the Fabula Nova Crystalis series. The game was subsequently released in Japan for the PlayStation Portable on October 27th 2011. The title has has yet to see a western release. A team of fans has, since then, taken upon them the task...

Agito XIII Is Final Fantasy Type-0

Xin    2011-01-18    3 comments

Another of the big reveals today was Final Fantasy Agito XIII, or as it's now known, Final Fantasy Type-0. Why the name change? Game Director Tabata simply thought "the game wasn't enough like Final Fantasy XIII". Type-0 will feature over 30 voiced characters, and will be the first (and most likely last) PSP game to require two UMDs. The voice...