New FFXII: International VJump Scans
sifar    2007-07-20, 14:13 pm.

The latest edition of Japanese magazine, VJump, reveals some new info and images on Square Enix's Final Fantasy XII International: Zodiac Job System. The two pages show 4 points that help readers understand the changes they can expect with the enhanced game.

Link » VJump Magazine Scan - FFXII:International - PAGE 1

Point #1 discusses the new Zodiac Job System ... where it is possible to assign jobs to characters through the new license boards. Point #2 talks about a famous scene that was censured in the original Japanese version ... which seems to be about the time Ba'Gamnan and his gang kidnap Penelo ... according to the scans.

Link » VJump Magazine Scan - FFXII:International - PAGE 2

Point #3 shows us that the game will have several kinds of battle engagements that will give players money and items as rewards ... and will allow them to use key non-play-able characters in those engagements including Reks and Reddas. Point #4 deals with the bonus DVD that will come w/ the game ... this piece was only available for North American gamers when purchasing the limited edition of Final Fantasy XII. The DVD includes interviews with the developers, gallerys, history of Final Fantasy, advertisements, etc ... VJump also announces that a guide will be published and made available by August 9, 2007 in Japan.

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