Final Fantasy VII remake confirmed? (UPDATED)
kula shakerz    2007-09-13, 10:52 am.

According to a new rumor, completing the newly released Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core two times will supposedly unlock a pre-rendered movie that is very similar to the PlayStation 3 Tech Demo that was shown at E3 2005.

Here are some screenshots from the rumored trailer:

picture picture picture

All we can do at this point is hope that its true. Hopefully Square Enix will announce something during the upcoming Tokyo Game Show.


Here's the secret ending:

Jinxy    2007-09-13, 11:52 am

I would have been really hyped over this a few years ago but now it feels more like they're beating a dead horse. I don't really want them to stop making good Final Fantasy VII sequels, prequels and what-not. But how many times are they planning to reuse the same story?

J3nova    2007-09-13, 13:18 pm IS actually continued in ff7 >.> this doesnt mean it necessarily gonna be a remake..but lol if it is remake OMG WOOOOOOOO

Jinxy    2007-09-13, 13:49 pm

Because they made a point of saying "To be continued in FINAL FANTASY VII (notice the bolded caps, indicating it's a title)" instead of something more vauge I think it does indeed confirm a remake (Assuming it isn't just a rumour). They'll probably change certain scenes like the Nibelheim flashbacks so that Last Order, Crisis Core and the other spin-offs make sense. If we're lucky they'll have a different battle system and some new locations and scenes too. But overall, yeah it'll be a retelli

Jinxy    2007-09-13, 13:52 pm

retelling of the original.

J3nova    2007-09-13, 14:29 pm

Awesome sh1t damn i reaaaally regret i sold my psp because i wanna try crsis core more then ever now xDDD

kula shakerz    2007-09-13, 14:43 pm

It could be because the story actually is continued in the original Final Fantasy VII but not everyone has a copy of the game and its kinda hard to get one (at least here) so I think its a hint of a upcoming remake or maybe just a re-release of the game on the PSN or something like that :/ Only time will tell.

Jinxy    2007-09-13, 14:56 pm

Sorry Haj I missed the point of your first reply. The only thing that makes me think there is a deeper meaning to that "To be continued" comment is that it was part of an unlockable. If they aren't hinting at a new product then I'm confused about why they wouldn't just say that in the normal ending.

J3nova    2007-09-13, 15:47 pm

Well..for now im sure theres gonna be a remake there's GOT to be a remake because it just fits in the compilation and why the hell would they redo the ending of ff7? and make it an unlockable like you said jinxy and also it says continued in ff7 so that must mean the remake and also i've read that they changed the story a little bit now i definatly believe they gonna remake it

final-bahamut    2007-09-14, 17:10 pm

Changing the story of the original is not an idea of a remake and it's stupid. That Aeris tragedy is better left that way ...

sifar    2007-09-15, 07:14 am

a little off topic >.> ... but the game has sold 350,000 copies on its first day of release ... 60k of which were the limited edition ... that include the slim PSP w/ the FFVII 10th Anniversary Logo on the back.

kula shakerz    2007-09-16, 15:27 pm

I updated the article with a link to the secret ending. Its not the same video as the PS3 Tech Demo but it looks a lot like it.

Jinxy    2007-09-16, 19:11 pm

Thanks kula

kula shakerz    2007-09-16, 22:07 pm

I started playing FFVII again today and If they dont announce a remake this TGS then I'm gonna be REALLY disappointed...its my favorite game and I would love to see it in HD. But please no voice acting :/

Ido    2007-09-17, 09:10 am

i'm sure this isnt bullocks but they're doing this in order to figure a way to do the remake without totally messing it up, as its probably going to happend anyway

kweh!    2007-09-18, 03:14 am

I was really sceptical about all the remake rumours (although it does seem to make sense because all of the hype will easily transfer into profits), but after seeing this movie I will eat my hat if they don't announce a remake this year.

Storm Owl    2007-09-20, 17:54 pm

I never got to play Final Fantasy VII and now that it's impossible to find, I'm really hoping for a PS3 remake with just graphics and voices added, nothing else, keep the original story and sidequests.

If they dare announce this on PSP or any other hand held consoles I'm going to kill them all lol

Brendan    2007-10-15, 06:38 am

On my first time through the game I got the 'Secret Ending' after the credits, so you don't necessarily need to beat it twice. AND OH YEAH, that street Aerith is on ISN'T A THRU STREET IN CRISIS CORE, SO WHERE THE HELL IS THAT TRUCK GOING?

Kahsai    2007-11-07, 09:17 am

In the Final Fantasy VII 10th anniversary ultimania book, at the back, it says "We hope to revisit Final Fantasy VII" and there are shots from the opening movie remake.

First Class Soldier    2007-12-21, 17:05 pm

Man this game better be released in the us and on ps3 not the crappy xbox360. besides, i have been waiting long enough for Crisis Core

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