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New VII, VIII, IX Guide Box Set Inbound

Brendan    2015-02-25    0 comments

A burst of Square Enix news has preceded their otherwise quiet Spring schedule and, along with that, have come a few unexpected surprises. For the most dedicated fans of the Final Fantasy series, Square Enix and strategy guide partner Prima have teamed up to release a special box set of guides for Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, and Final...

Type-0 Gets a Propaganda Trailer

Brendan    2014-12-06    0 comments

Though Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is only a mere three months away, Square Enix has released an interesting trailer that puts a pro-Militesi (read as: the bad guys) spin on the war for Orience. For fans that have abstained from plot details, Type-0 HD begins with a Militesi invasion of Rubrum, the homeland of Class 0, the player-controlled group of...

Fan-made Final Fantasy Type-0 localization coming in August

kula shakerz    2014-03-15    3 comments

Final Fantasy Type-0, originally named Final Fantasy Agito XIII, was first presented during E3 2006 as part of the Fabula Nova Crystalis series. The game was subsequently released in Japan for the PlayStation Portable on October 27th 2011. The title has has yet to see a western release. A team of fans has, since then, taken upon them the task...

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep -Volume Two-

Xin    2011-01-20    4 comments

It looks like Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep -FINAL MIX- has another secret ending ON TOP of the secret ending the original already had. Contains KH:BBS Spoilers Obvisouly, if you haven't beaten the game you may not want to watch. Without going in to specific details of the video, it looks like we have another KH title coming our way...

Agito XIII Is Final Fantasy Type-0

Xin    2011-01-18    3 comments

Another of the big reveals today was Final Fantasy Agito XIII, or as it's now known, Final Fantasy Type-0. Why the name change? Game Director Tabata simply thought "the game wasn't enough like Final Fantasy XIII". Type-0 will feature over 30 voiced characters, and will be the first (and most likely last) PSP game to require two UMDs. The voice...

Dissidia012 Trailer, Characters & Release Date

Xin    2010-12-24    2 comments

It is, supposedly, the most wonderful time of the year, and SquareEnix are in a giving kind of mood. Their present to you this year: the JumpFESTA trailer for Dissidia 012 The trailer is definitely a bit more story heavy than the previous ones, but since I don't understand what they're saying, we'll skip that for now. That doesn't mean...

Crisis Core Import Review

Brendan    2007-10-05    0 comments

It’s been 3 long years since Crisis Core, the prequel to Final Fantasy VII, was announced at E3 2004. Since I’m a nerd with almost no life to speak of, I did the unspeakable.But ways & means is not the point of this roughly penned import review. Long story short: it's a masterpiece. Gameplay Crisis Core’s gameplay is relative simple....

Final Fantasy VII remake confirmed? (UPDATED)

kula shakerz    2007-09-13    20 comments

According to a new rumor, completing the newly released Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core two times will supposedly unlock a pre-rendered movie that is very similar to the PlayStation 3 Tech Demo that was shown at E3 2005. Here are some screenshots from the rumored trailer: All we can do at this point is hope that its true. Hopefully Square...

Crisis Core intro video

kula shakerz    2007-09-09    7 comments

The Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII intro video has been uploaded to YouTube (and various other video sites). The intro is almost 3:30 minutes long and reminds a lot of the original Final Fantasy VII intro sequence. Intro Final Fantasy VII Tech Demo