Fan-made Final Fantasy Type-0 localization coming in August
kula shakerz    2014-03-15, 15:28 pm.

Final Fantasy Type-0, originally named Final Fantasy Agito XIII, was first presented during E3 2006 as part of the Fabula Nova Crystalis series. The game was subsequently released in Japan for the PlayStation Portable on October 27th 2011. The title has has yet to see a western release.

A team of fans has, since then, taken upon them the task of creating an unofficial english translation of the game. Earlier this week they announced that they will be releasing their work on August 8th 2014. Team lead "Sky" reports that the game is playable at this point but that they want to spend extra time polishing the translations in some areas of the game, specifically NPC dialogue.

My personal opinion is that the game is playable in English as it is right now, being enjoyable as is. It is true that many NPC’s sound off context, and that’s why the majority of the team decided to postpone the release to have a parfect patch.

It will be interesting to see if Square Enix will send them a cease and desist letter like they have previously done to several other fan-projects in the past. The team is based in Spain so they can apparently safely ignore all cease and desists letters sent by Square.

Source: Sky's RomHacking Nest

Brendan    2014-03-15, 16:45 pm

Frankly, if Square is smart they'd vet the translation, buy it off the team, and then release it via PSN and make cold hard cash. Bravely Default's success is proof enough that there's a market for a game like this.

Xin    2014-03-15, 18:23 pm

That would be a terrible decision by SQ, it would set a dangerous precedent for the rest of the industry and anger many legit localization companies.

Well done and everything to this team for their hard work and dedication, but it is an unauthorized fan work in the end.

Vivi 88    2014-03-15, 18:35 pm

I doubt that they'll ever release it in the west now that its been 3 years since the Japanese release.

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