Has Agito been Cancelled?
Brendan    2008-05-27, 17:22 pm.

With the press getting all riled up over Square Enix's financial numbers, rumors are hitting the web about about cancellations, shake up threats, and all manner of corporate drama.

Whether or not you think the sky is falling in on Square, there is a piece of news to be heard. According to Kotaku, the RPG maker has sent off a mobile game to its death. What's interesting is that the game in question is one connected to a home console game. And really, there's only one game that fits that profile, but until we see them lowering Agito's casket into the earth, we have to hold off on an official decision.

kula shakerz    2008-05-27, 17:51 pm

Not a big loss since its just a cellphone game and they don't get released outside of Japan anyway :p

Riku_Oblivion    2008-05-27, 19:38 pm

I agree that it's no big loss if this is true. Besides, cell phone games, even if they are released, are the shortest lived and least remembered games ever created. And part of liking a good game is the nostalgia later.

Storm Owl    2008-05-28, 04:35 am

I do agree, I wasn't looking forward to this game knowing I would never play it because of the 'console' it's on...but if they dare cancel FFXIII or Versus XIII......I will hunt down some people and I won't be the only one! lol ;)

Magus 99    2008-05-28, 08:06 am

I kinda doubt that they are going to cancel a "real" game from one of their most popular series :p

→Ne♠Ra←    2008-05-28, 09:15 am

i doubt they would cancell it maybe they just will working on it for their reasons...but not a big loss and maybe for the better if it was cancelled.

kweh!    2008-05-28, 09:46 am

I wouldn't mind if they released the cell games in the West though. Oh well, I guess playing games on my PSP and GBA on the bus will have to do! Plus I'll probably be playing spore on my iPod touch before too long.

ryuzaki    2008-05-29, 05:06 am

ya i don't this would have a big impact on us North Americans and Europeans since we don't play cell phones games as much as Japan.

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