Square Enix = Sellout?
kula shakerz    2008-06-10, 19:29 pm.

During a press conference that was held today in Japan Square Enix announced their plans to support Xbox 360 with at least one exclusive, and two timed exclusives for Microsoft's current generation platform.

Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope (Xbox's last hope in Japan?) will be a Xbox 360 exclusive. It will probably only be timed exclusive though as they already have Infinite Undiscovery.

The Last Remnant which was supposed to come out for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 at the same time will be released on the Microsoft console this winter while the PlayStation 3 date is to be announced later.

So how much did Microsoft pay? No one knows but the games will probably have trouble selling more than 100,000 copies in Japan like pretty much all the other JRPGs that have been released exclusively for the Xbox 360.

Xin    2008-06-10, 22:21 pm

what a bunch of bullsh*t, so4 should be on ps3. and i say this as a 360 owner :p

kweh!    2008-06-10, 22:39 pm

I didn't think that they had made it clear that SO4 was a 360 exclusive. It was a microsoft event so they only announced 360 releases. But I'm expecting that we'll hear later on that it's a multi-platform release.

Brendan    2008-06-11, 01:51 am

To be honest I'm getting tired of Square's oddball antics. Nobody owns a 360 in Japan and those three new IP titles don't look strong enough to sell the console. And SO doesn't sell in the US. They want to appeal to a US market? Then they need to make games that US gamers want, not a constant stream of action RPGs.

Shinraepc    2008-06-11, 03:34 am

They should stick to Playstation, thats were their primary fanbase is. I own both 360 and PS3, but I would prefer it for PS3, most of their games are made on the PS. They should keep their policy of pushing the current technology to it´s limits intact and use PS3.

kula shakerz    2008-06-11, 07:56 am

@kweh: Yeah but it you look at the official site for SO4 then it says "For Xbox 360" and they dont mention the PS3. I still think that its going to be a timed exclusive

Storm Owl    2008-06-12, 01:08 am

ah that sucks :( I have no plans to go out and buy an XBox 360...I want to buy a PS3 but not anything xbox :( oh well, we'll see....

V_Translanka    2008-06-17, 02:18 am

Wait, it says ONE is going to be an exclusive and that the other two will only be timed exclusives...And the assumption is that Infinite Undiscovery will be the exclusive...but wouldn't it be fairly easy and likely that Infinite Undiscovery would also come out for PC?? Could this mean that it is, in fact, Star Ocean V that will be the exclusive?!? Or perhaps the unknown third title...? Hmmmm...>_>

sephiroth01    2008-06-17, 15:38 pm

they need to just stop with so many action rpg's.I know that people like a little change but come on,Also making games exclusive for the 360?first off japan pretty much hates the 360,and second everybody already owns a ps2 or ps3.Third just let your former creator of final fantasy,that left and went to mistwalker handle the 360 rpg's? At least his are turn based.

ajtoonami1995    2008-07-02, 21:53 pm

They need to put these games to the ps2,ps3,and psp.

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