Please Call Us By Our Names
Xin    2008-10-09, 04:20 am.

As promised at E3, The names of the male and female leads of Final Fantasy Versus XIII have been revealed. I don't know how I'm going to stretch this into a complete news post, but we so rarely get a chance to use the versusXIII category that I'm going to try anyways.

Our dashing, princely young lead goes by the name Noctis, and in keeping with FF tradition, is the Latin word for night. Our heroine is on course as well, bearing the name Stella, Latin for star.

While the game is behind the dreaded Closed Mega Theater at the SQEX booth, it is rumored to be on the showfloor at Sony's. Hopefully even more tidbits of info will trickle in~

→Ne♠Ra←    2008-10-09, 05:27 am

noctis...i like the sound of it..fits him well!awesome name~ and stella is cute!

Storm Owl    2008-10-09, 13:14 pm

That's a cool name! Noctis, Stella is ok, I mean, I've never really liked that name anyways :P but the 'Prince's' name is pretty nice! :D

Final Fantasy XV Launches Worldwide

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Well, ladies and gentlemen, our long night is over: Final Fantasy XV became available internationally today, capping more than a decade's worth of development with a warm welcome internationally. Though plagued by pre-release leaks today was still a momentous occasion for fans of the series, and for spectators hoping to see Square Enix cement its comeback with the crown jewel...

Lengthy FFXV Impressions Hit the Web

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Final Fantasy XV is just over 40 days away from release worldwide and Square Enix has given multiple gaming new outlets an extended stay in the world of Eos. Destructoid, Polygon, and GameSpot have posted opinions that range from lukewarm at worst to downright giddy at best. GameSpot, noting the game's expansive world and numerous activities, wrapped up their preview...

FFXV PS4 Slim Incoming

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There was some speculation that FINAL FANTASY XV’s delay from September to November may have been related to Sony’s as-of-then-unannounced hardware, the PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim. While the additional development time has yielded significant improvements to FINAL FANTASY XV, the whole situation is still a bit suspicious. Sony and Square Enix have announced a Limited Deluxe Edition Final Fantasy...