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Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV Launches Worldwide

Brendan    2016-11-30    12 comments

Well, ladies and gentlemen, our long night is over: Final Fantasy XV became available internationally today, capping more than a decade's worth of development with a warm welcome internationally. Though plagued by pre-release leaks today was still a momentous occasion for fans of the series, and for spectators hoping to see Square Enix cement its comeback with the crown jewel...

Lengthy FFXV Impressions Hit the Web

Brendan    2016-10-20    0 comments

Final Fantasy XV is just over 40 days away from release worldwide and Square Enix has given multiple gaming new outlets an extended stay in the world of Eos. Destructoid, Polygon, and GameSpot have posted opinions that range from lukewarm at worst to downright giddy at best. GameSpot, noting the game's expansive world and numerous activities, wrapped up their preview...

FFXV PS4 Slim Incoming

Brendan    2016-09-24    2 comments

There was some speculation that FINAL FANTASY XV’s delay from September to November may have been related to Sony’s as-of-then-unannounced hardware, the PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim. While the additional development time has yielded significant improvements to FINAL FANTASY XV, the whole situation is still a bit suspicious. Sony and Square Enix have announced a Limited Deluxe Edition Final Fantasy...

FFXV Looks Sharp on Xbox One

Brendan    2016-09-24    0 comments

There’s no doubt that Square Enix has heavily promoted Final Fantasy XV on Sony’s hardware, the PS4 and PS4 Pro. While confirmation of support for the PS4 Pro was pretty immediate, there’s been nary a whisper about the Xbox One S. Regardless, FINAL FANTASY XV’s development team is charging ahead with optimizing the game for Microsoft’s hardware as well. Dualshockers...

Brotherhood's End

Brendan    2016-09-24    0 comments

Square Enix has uploaded the fifth and final entry, THE WARMTH OF LIGHT, to BROTHERHOOD, the anime series that follows the early exploits of Noctis and company from FINAL FANTASY XV. This comes as the game’s original launch day, September 30, is within sight. Reactions to BROTHERHOOD have been universally positive and the anime itself has added depth and dimension...

Meet the English Voice Cast of FFXV

Brendan    2016-08-24    0 comments

Square Enix has added a new video to their Final Fantasy XV YouTube channel because, apparently the company's trying to make peace after delaying the game to November 29th. Rest assured, all is forgiven because of three words: Darin De Paul, AKA, Ardyn Izunia, Chancellor of Niflheim. This video also marks--I think--the first time we've heard Lunafreya speak in-game.

FFXV Officially Delayed to Nov. 29

Brendan    2016-08-22    4 comments

The wait for Final Fantasy XV just got a little longer. Hajime Tabata announced on YouTube last week that Final Fantasy XV’s release date has been delayed from September 30th to November 29th, 2016—jumping from a Friday to the more traditional Tuesday in the process. Tabata’s confirmation followed the emergence of rumors late last weekend that Square Enix provided instructions...

Final Fantasy XV NA Box Art Confirmed

Brendan    2016-07-23    0 comments

During their marathon livestream of E3 2016, Square Enix revealed the almost-final North American version of Final Fantasy XV’s box art for PS4 and Xbox One. This week the developer confirmed that, with some minor changes, the version from June is indeed the final version that will ship with the game on September 30, 2016. For purists, the cover will...

GameStop Gets Preorder Bonus Exclusive: A King's Tale

Brendan    2016-07-23    0 comments

GameStop is receiving an adorable exclusive preorder bonus for Final Fantasy XV. A King’s Tale, a spritely retro-game for PS4 and Xbox One, will accompany preorder purchase from the U.S. videogame retailer. A King’s Tale follows the adventures of a young Regis and his companions—including Cid!—as they fight their way through hordes of monsters. Be sure to check out the...

Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV - Episode 3

kula shakerz    2016-07-14    0 comments

Part three of the five-part web anime series Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV has been released. This episode is called "Sword and Shield" and focuses on Gladiolus and Noctis and a childhood event that forged their friendship.

Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV - Episode 2

kula shakerz    2016-06-20    0 comments

Square Enix has just released the second episode of their five-part web anime series Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV. The series revolves around the four main characters of Final Fantasy XV and is ment to serve as a prequel to the events in the game. In this episode we'll get to take a look at how the friendship between Prompto and...

Final Fantasy XV at E3 2016: Trailers, VR, and ATR

Brendan    2016-06-17    0 comments

With Final Fantasy XV just over 3 months away from becoming a reality, Square Enix's flagship title put in an unusual appearance at this year's E3. A new trailer debuted during Sony's conference, containing mostly recycled footage of areas and combat encounters that viewers have seen previously. This time the familiar footage came with a twist: a Playstation VR experience...

Final Fantasy XV will Have DLC, Possible PC Version

Brendan    2016-04-09    0 comments

Another day, another rush of Final Fantasy XV news. After a successful media barrage this last week Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata continues to delight fans with news on the much anticipated title. Tabata provided an outline of Final Fantasy XV's DLC plans, projecting summer as when gamers can expect to know more about the content. He provided little...

Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV Video Roundup

Brendan    2016-04-03    0 comments

Square Enix firebombed the internet this week with numerous announcements and trailers thanks in no small part to their big event in Los Angeles, CA this week. While you could just as easily visit Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV YouTube channel on your own, why not let me do the work and consolidate them here for you? You were kind...

Florence Welch's “Stand By Me” is Final Fantasy XV's Theme

Brendan    2016-04-03    1 comment

Final Fantasy XV has an official theme, a cover of “Stand By Me” orchestrated and performed by Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine. Fans were first exposed to the rendition during the “Reclaim Your Throne” trailer played at the start of the Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event on March 30th. Square Enix also released a video on behalf of...