Final Fantasy VIII Available on US PSN
Xin    2009-12-18, 02:38 am.

We may have three more months until Final Fantasy XIII makes its way to our shores, but SquareEnix is attempting to ease the pain with a blast from the past.

Final Fantasy VIII is available for download on the PlayStation Network at a price of $9.99USD, just a few months past it's Tenth Anniversary here in the US.

A European release date has not been announced, but the EU market will be getting a SquareEnix title of their own next week, when Vagrant Story releases across the region on Dec. 22nd.

SquareEnix is spreading the holiday cheer, but only on PlayStation~

<Ex>    2009-12-18, 03:22 am

WOOOOT! I've been waiting for this. :) Wasn't sure it was coming here, but sweet, that's great, can't wait to play it on PSP.

kweh!    2009-12-18, 04:25 am

cool bananas!

darklordmagus    2009-12-18, 15:28 pm

i think its time I got a 16gb msduo..... does anyone know if this size msduo works on a psp-2000??

Xin    2009-12-18, 19:37 pm

I think anything up to 32gb runs fine.

→Ne♠Ra←    2009-12-18, 21:52 pm

always wanted to play this on my psp :]

First Class Soldier    2009-12-19, 03:38 am

Just got it:)

darklordmagus    2009-12-21, 05:30 am

got this on friday night, played the first 10 minutes.. gawds i forgot how i miss this game. =)... also played my download of FFVII right after that, did the tifa flashback at the beginning =) loving it.

First Class Soldier    2009-12-25, 21:02 pm

its great! make sure 2 be at latest firmware 4 it 2 work!

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