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Final Fantasy VIII

New VII, VIII, IX Guide Box Set Begins Shipping

Brendan    2015-07-07    5 comments

A few months ago it seemed that Prima's Collector's Edition Box Set for the PS1 Era Final Fantasy games was poised to release along Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. At the last moment the set was delayed for the second or third time since the its announcement last summer but in a surprise move (to me, at least) Prima has begun...

New VII, VIII, IX Guide Box Set Inbound

Brendan    2015-02-25    0 comments

A burst of Square Enix news has preceded their otherwise quiet Spring schedule and, along with that, have come a few unexpected surprises. For the most dedicated fans of the Final Fantasy series, Square Enix and strategy guide partner Prima have teamed up to release a special box set of guides for Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, and Final...

Final Fantasy VIII now on Steam

Xin    2013-12-07    1 comment

I don't have Steam, because I have a terrible computer that can't run anything. So the info below will instead come from SQIN member dada (aka grahf // editor's note: go back to this name). Final Fantasy VIII is now on Steam, with some decent visual enhancements. It still uses the same assets, but it's rendered at a much higher...

Final Fantasy VIII Available on US PSN

Xin    2009-12-18    8 comments

We may have three more months until Final Fantasy XIII makes its way to our shores, but SquareEnix is attempting to ease the pain with a blast from the past. Final Fantasy VIII is available for download on the PlayStation Network at a price of $9.99USD, just a few months past it's Tenth Anniversary here in the US. A European...

Final Fantasy VIII Now On Japanese PSN

Xin    2009-09-24    6 comments

Just announced at Sony's TGS Press Conference, psOne classic Final Fantasy VIII is now available for purchase on the PlayStation Network for PlayStation 3 and PSP. Which is great news. The bad news? It's only available in Japan for the time being~

Retro Review: Final Fantasy VIII

Xin    2008-09-20    0 comments

Before we start, let's just agree that there's no way to fairly review this game nine years after it's release. I can't review it based on what I remember from 1999, and holding it up to today's standards just wouldn't be fair. So instead, let's just grade it on how well this title holds up nearly a decade after it's...

Master Arms Collection

Brendan    2007-01-25    1 comment

Square Enix will soon be producing miniatures of various weapons from their successful Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts franchises. The miniatures will include the gunblades of Seifer and Squall from Final Fantasy VIII, as well as Vincent's Cerberus gun from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, and the Kingdom Key from Kingdom Hearts. The miniatures are slated to out to the...

Square To Release FFVIII RV for PC

kula shakerz    2002-10-03    0 comments

Square will re-release the PC version of Final Fantasy VIII in Japan. While the actual game has not undergone any changes, the re-release will feature a new packaging design. Final Fantasy VIII RV will be available today and retail for 6,800yen (55.50USD).