New VII, VIII, IX Guide Box Set Begins Shipping
Brendan    2015-07-07, 19:20 pm.

A few months ago it seemed that Prima's Collector's Edition Box Set for the PS1 Era Final Fantasy games was poised to release along Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. At the last moment the set was delayed for the second or third time since the its announcement last summer but in a surprise move (to me, at least) Prima has begun shipping the set to purchasers in the U.S. as of today.

The case for the books themselves is strikingly minimalist; no loud colors or obnoxious text except for "FINAL FANTASY" in silver type on the front and spine. As an owner of the original strategy guides, I'm most curious to spend some time with Final Fantasy IX's revamped guide. Its original incarnation partnered itself with the now-dead PlayOnline service; a failed experiment that made the paper copy useless.

If the content is of the same high quality as the finish then I'm sure I'll enjoy it. This new set is retailing for $80 at Amazon.

ryuzaki    2015-07-07, 22:42 pm

Also purchased this set of strategy guides. Like most people I'm eager to see how the guide for FFIX turns out.

kula shakerz    2015-07-08, 11:19 am

I still have the original strategy guides but this looks tempting. I'm planning to do a playthrough of all 3 games on my Vita.

ryuzaki    2015-07-10, 00:00 am

Apparently the guides for FFVII and FFVIII are identical to the BradyGames versions in terms of content. There are some pictures of the guides in the reviews section the amazon product page.

k3fka!    2015-07-11, 10:34 am

Really? That sucks. I see that some of the reviews mention that there are even more errors in these "new" versions.

Brendan    2015-07-13, 05:38 am

Yep. Big errors; starting on page 9 lol

Final Fantasy IX Gets First Big Update

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Final Fantasy IX Available Now on iOS and Android

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I only write an article once every...six months or so now, it seems, so I'm quite glad this is the one I chose this time around. Final Fantasy IX has just released on Google Play and The App Store for Android and iOS devices. Even better, the game is 20% off ($16.99 USD) from now until February 21st, so pick...

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