New Final Fantasy Versus XIII Info/Images (UPDATE)
Xin    2010-06-23, 13:50 pm.

It's been a long time. In fact, I don't think we've had a look at anything new from Final Fantasy Versus XIII in well over a year. So let's end that drought today.

Game Director Tetsuya Nomura was interviewed by Famitsu for this weeks issue, explaining some of the key details of vsXIII. Let's go over the bullet points:

  • Open field over-world, featuring nearly seamless transitions between areas. Fully explorable except for mountains
  • Speaking of the in-game world, Nomura said "If you try to go all the way to the end, it's truly far."
  • Battles will also be seamless, with enemies visible on the field. Some enemies will sneak attack you as well, causing a more random experience
  • The area shown in the battle screen below is an exact replica of the area surrounding the SquareEnix offices in Shinjuku
  • Some of the game environment is destructible/interactive
  • The game will feature a physics based cloud system, including a day/night cycle
  • As in the trailers, a car will be available to you
  • The car ties into one of the games development themes; a "road movie"
  • vsXIII will be at TGS, and Nomura plans a big unveiling of the game at some point
  • On screen icons and menus are missing from the screenshots, as Nomura did not want to unveil those details just yet
  • Similarly, the battle scene is missing the rest of your party, as their final clothing and weaponry designs have yet to be completed

The article also includes some of the first in-game shots we've seen of the game. We hope to have better quality images as they become available~

UPDATE Full scan now available, but really there's not much more to see.


<Ex>    2010-06-23, 15:15 pm

NICE. liking the gas station. yeah hope there are some better quality scans because the detail looks a little crappy lol. also is that a demonolith from ffx?!

big overworld.. final fallout 13 ?

→Ne♠Ra←    2010-06-23, 15:22 pm

Crappy and the best thing i'v seen all day lol. I hope there's a new trailer soon. When is the TGS again?

<Ex>    2010-06-23, 15:49 pm

supposed to be mid september

Xin    2010-06-24, 22:59 pm

TGS is Sept. 16th-19th.

kweh!    2010-06-25, 01:54 am

I had given up on this game. But these scans make me think it might be alright. I guess we'll wait to see what details come out at TGS.

final-bahamut    2010-06-26, 10:10 am

Hoping it won't disappoint like the main XIII game did.

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