This Game Is Never Coming Out
Xin    2013-02-21, 01:25 am.

I remembered my password. Anyways, Sony Computer Entertainment have today announced their next generation console, the PlayStation 4, will go on sale Holiday 2013.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII, a game that began development at SquareEnix before Sony's previous console, the PlayStation 3, was even released, is still not finished.

Still. Not. Finished. Though they would appreciate you watching them limp to the barn with whatever they have to show at this year's E3.

I just thought you should know that~

kweh!    2013-02-21, 02:47 am

I look forward to watching documentaries about how this game never eventuated in my retirement.

kula shakerz    2013-02-21, 09:02 am

It's the new Duke Nukem Forever.

→Ne♠Ra←    2013-02-22, 14:03 pm

They manage to release 3 xiii games and this one still in development hell...

Xin    2013-03-20, 02:11 am

FFvsXIII is never coming out. Not under that name, anyways, and definitely not on PS3 and for sure not on the next Xbox or WiiU. You get the idea, i'm sure.

Xin    2013-06-11, 02:19 am

see, I told you.

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