Akihiko Yoshida Leaves SquareEnix
Xin    2013-12-12, 02:58 am.

Akihiko Yoshida, the artist behind character designs for numerous SquareEnix franchises, has left the company after 18 years of service, announcing his departure in the artbook for Bravely Default: For The Sequel, a revamped version of the original title released in Japan this week.

Joining the company in the Squaresoft days, Yoshida's most recogizeable work can be seen in the characters he created for titles such as Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Ogre, Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy XIV, and Bravely Default. His departing message to fans was translated by Siliconera:

"This is a personal message of mine, but I’d like to say thank you for all the support these past 18 years. I have decided to leave Square Enix, but I believe our relationship will continue going on. And as long as I’m needed [laughs,] I will continue working on the Bravely Default series. Thank you for your continued support."

Brendan    2013-12-12, 08:29 am

This news absolutely ruined my day. Thank SO much, Xin. /grumble

Xin    2013-12-12, 13:26 pm

Says he will also keep doing art for FFXIV, but yeah. My favorite artist at SQ (and pretty much everyone involved with Ivalice) is gone :(

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