Final Fantasy XII "Remake" Accidentally Confirmed
Xin    2015-08-02, 03:01 am.

A little slip of the tongue may just have been the confirmation Final Fantasy XII fans have been waiting for. At tonight's Distant Worlds concert in Pittsburgh, Composer Arnie Roth announced that work had begun on a remake of FFXII, much to the delight and confusion of the live crowd.

Now, given that Arnie Roth isn't a developer, I would assume this is actually an HD Remaster and not a full remake, but that's completely fine with me. With Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show right around the corner, hopefully we get an official confirmation soon.

FFXIIKD    2015-08-02, 13:05 pm

yes , awesome news :D

Brendan    2015-08-02, 17:34 pm

I would not mind a XII HD Remaster in the least. I popped the original into my PS3 last week and was genuinely surprised by how well it's held its own since 2006.

Xin    2015-08-02, 19:41 pm

The real story of this article now is that you have a working backwards compatible PS3 in 2015 :o (give it to me!)

Brendan    2015-08-02, 23:30 pm

Haha, true. I guess that I should amend my last comment to say that I'm surprised by how well FFXII and my launch PS3 have held up!

Brendan    2015-08-05, 03:11 am

Arnie Roth apologized for using the word "remake" but stopped short of outright retracting his comments.

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