Kingsglaive’s Warm Reception + Soundtrack News
Brendan    2016-07-23, 20:48 pm.

Final Fantasy XV’s CGI film prequel, Kingslgaive, launched in Japan at the start of the month and unlike Square Enix’s prior cinematic outings, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, the movie has debuted to highly positive reactions in Japan.

Kingsglaive poster

Square Enix revealed that the film, which debuted in 44 cinemas throughout Japan on July 9, had made around 1 million USD in ticket sales at the time of their post last week. Square Enix hasn’t revealed any budgetary numbers yet, so we don’t quite know how much further Kingsglaive has to go before it’s in the black, but its relative success and positive reaction are good signs for the impending U.S. release next, and for the franchise as a whole.

And, as usual, I’m equally as interested in the movie’s soundtrack as the film itself. Composed by John Graham, with a main theme by Yoko Shimomura, the official soundtrack to Kingsglaive has been dated for a September 7 release in Japan and, unsurprisingly, a September 30 release in North America.

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV will experience a limited theatrical release in the United States on August 19.

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