Final Fantasy XII Japanese Release Date, Theme Song, & Scans
Xin    2005-07-30, 06:21 am.

Square-Enix Party 2005 is well underway in Japan, and the news is beginning to shift to our shores quickly. As promised, a Big Announcement regarding Final Fantasy XII has been made. The highly anticipated next chapter in the Final Fantasy series will release in Japan on March 16th, 2006.

While a US Release was not announced, general localization timetables would peg the game for a release in the US around September 2006.

Also annunced was the theme song for Final Fantasy XII, "Kiss Me Good Bye". The track is composed by Nobuo Uematsu, with vocals to be performed by Japanese Recording Artist Angela Aki.

Finally, the current issue of Famitsu features a seven page spread for Final Fantasy XII, featuring in depth looks on all of the characters, including the recently anounced Vayne.

Link >> Famitsu Scans Courtesy of SquareNET

With a day still to go with Square-Enix Party 2005, expect even more news in the coming hours.

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