Final Fantasy XII at Jump Festa and other details
sifar    2005-11-15, 20:47 pm.

The folks at and IGN have made available various reviews, screenshots, videos of the Final Fantasy XII demo being released with Dragon Quest VIII today in North America. The demo doesn't reveal much plot of the game but gives gamers complete access to how the battle system plays out. It lets you experience the Active Time Battle and Wait systems, which both give gamers a completely different feel of gaming. It is definitely very different from past Final Fantasies in that you can actually see your other party members running around with you and that you can see mobs in the distance before you engage them in a fight. Check out the links below for full coverage on the first English FF12 Demo to be released.

Images: Link >> Screenshots of the new FFXI Demo

Reviews: Link >>'s review of the new FFXII demo Link >> IGN's review of the new FFXII demo

Videos: Link >> 5 Minute Gameplay Video (WMV) Link >> 5 Minute Gameplay Video (MOV) Link >> Opening Trailer in FFXII Demo (WMV) Link >> Opening Trailer in FFXII Demo (MOV) Link >> Ending Trailer in FFXII Demo (WMV) Link >> Ending Trailer in FFXII Demo (MOV)

There is no knowing how long these trailers will be up for download. In related news, Square Enix has confirmed that Final Fantasy XII will appear at the upcoming Jump Festa 2006 that will take place at the Makuhari fair in Tokyo from December 17-18, 2005.

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