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Final Fantasy X

Two FFX Psuedo-Sequels On The Way

kula shakerz    2002-06-04    0 comments

In a press conference held earlier today, Square announced that two titles set in the Final Fantasy X universe are planned for release this summer in Japan. Games Are Fun reports that the two side stories will center around FFX heroines Yuna and Rikku, though to what extent is unknown. The games will make use of FFX's engine, and original...

FFX Shipments Reaches 5 Millions

kula shakerz    2002-05-31    0 comments

Square mentioned today that worldwide shipments of Final Fantasy X have already topped five million copies, due in large part to the recent European launch of the game. As of January, some four million copies had been shipped, but the number just surpassed five million this week. The current breakdown is as follows: 2.74 million in Japan, 1.47 million in...