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Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII Confirmed In Tokyo Game Show Lineup

kula shakerz    2006-08-31    0 comments

Both GameFront and The Magic Box have confirmed that new content from both PLAY STATION 3 Final Fantasy 13 games will be shown at this year's Tokyo Game Show. Check back for more information regarding Squar Enix's Tokyo Game Show lineup.

Famitsu Readers Most Wanted Game

kula shakerz    2006-07-28    0 comments

Final Fantasy XIII is on 2nd place on the 30th of June - 6th of July "Famitsu Readers Most Wanted Games" list. Final Fantasy Versus 13 has gone up one place from number 17 to number 18. Final Fantasy III NDS (Square Enix) Final Fantasy XIII PS3 (Square Enix) Biohazard 5 PS3 (Capcom) Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3 (Konami) Summon...

New Final Fantasy XIII Details Announced

kula shakerz    2006-05-25    0 comments

In a massive feature article Japan's leading gaming publication, Weekly Famitsuu takes a closer look at Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIII for PlayStation 3. Famitsuu reports that at the time when Square Enix showed off the infamous Final Fantasy VII technical demo for PlayStation 3 at last year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, Final Fantasy XIII was still in development for PlayStation...

Final Fantasy XIII Revealed at E3

kula shakerz    2006-05-09    0 comments

Square Enix revealed Final Fantasy XIII for the PlayStation 3 at their E3 press conference today. In the trailer you see a female character in misc battle scenes, maybe they are using a female lead this time (?). The world looks futuristic like the one found in Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 and it also looks like the...