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Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy XII Planned Release Date Postponed

Ikuzo    2004-05-06    0 comments

Square Enix today announced that the Japanese release of Final Fantasy XII will be postponed from Summer 2004 to between Winter 2004 and Spring 2005. During this extension, Square Enix claims they will be improving the product's quality to meet a higher satisfaction by its consumers. This news might not come as a suprise to many as its director, Yasumi...

Final Fantasy XII in V-Jump magazine

Ikuzo    2004-04-21    0 comments

The 5th character, Penelo, was featured in the latest issue of V-Jump. Not much is news, but the coverage is much indepth than the one featured in Weekly Jump. But you must be aware that these are merely the opinions of the editors of V-Jump. Lead by the light of fate, her life begins to dance Penelo is a cheerful...

New Final Fantasy XII character revealed

kula shakerz    2004-04-15    0 comments

The current edition of the Japanese gaming magazine "Jump" reveals a new character from Final Fantasy XII. The 5th playable character to be revealed is Penelo, a 16 year old Hume girl. She's a friend of Vaan and it's said that she's an energetic young girl that loves to dance. More information will probably be available when the official Final...

Official FF12 Jap. website has been updated

sifar    2004-03-25    0 comments

Square Enix has just updated the official Japanese website for Final Fantasy XII. The main additions were a couple of screenshots and two wallpapers. None of the images on the site are new, but are of very high quality. Link >> Fran Wallpaper 800x600 Link >> Fran Wallpaper 1024x768 Link >> Balflear Wallpaper 800x600 Link >> Balflear Wallpaper 1024x768 Link...

Square Enix to open FFXII PlayOnline Website

sifar    2004-03-18    0 comments

SquareNet was able to get a screenshot of Final Fantasy XII's PlayOnline website. What this means is yet to be unveiled, and will most probably be told in a couple of days when the next issue of V-Jump magazine is released in Japan. Link >> FFXII PlayOnline Website Image

Official FFXII Site Updated

kula shakerz    2004-01-02    0 comments

The official Final Fantasy XII site has been updated. The new coverage is in the character section where the "coming soon" placeholder from the last site update has been replaced by Fran's profile. For those of you that didn't know, Fran is as previously reported a female archer from the Vierra race. Update (4th January 2004): According to Square Enix...

First Final Fantasy XII abilities revealed

sifar    2003-12-30    0 comments

A user on a Japanese forum was able to stop one of the FFXII trailers at the right time to spot a list of abilities. The abilities can be found below, but be aware that these are still unconfirmed as Square Enix has yet to mention anything of the game's battle system. 1000 Needles Anti (removes MP from an enemy...

FFXII Not A One Path Ride

Ikuzo    2003-12-25    0 comments

A popular Japanese gaming magazine, Doremaga, did an interview with Square Enix, revealing new information on the current status of the development including the fact that the game will not have a one path story like it was in FFX. The current status of the game's development is at 70% with more to be adjusted to the actual screens in...

Upcoming Famitsu DVD To Include FFXII Trailer

Ikuzo    2003-12-17    0 comments

In this week's edition of Weekly Famitsu, some information regarding the upcoming FF title was revealed through the mouths of the creators. Also, the upcoming Famitsu DVD due out 27th of this month is to include a new trailer of FFXII. As revealed last week, Mr.Yoshida, responsible for the character designs, talked about the two new characters, Fran and Balflear,...

Official Site Update

Ikuzo    2003-12-12    0 comments

The official site for Final Fantasy XII was updated yesterday, revealing a little more information and images. The sections updated was: Characters, Specs, MovieShots, GameShots with two newly added sections: Topics and Access. Other than that, the movie that plays during your visit had been updated also. Firstly, in the Characters section. This section wasn't really updated with new information....

Two New Characters Revealed

Ikuzo    2003-12-11    0 comments

Thanks again to the ever leaking Japanese teens magazine, Weekly Shonen Jump, two new characters were revealed. Now, these two characters aren't totally new to our eyes as we've already seen them in a trailer shown at the announcement meeting held last month. As previously posted, one of the new characters is "Fran". She is from the Viera tribe, which...

Possibility of Clan Battles

Ikuzo    2003-11-26    0 comments

It's been a week since the exciting announcement of Final Fantasy 12. In the interview with Hideo Minaba and Akihiko Yoshida, some interesting information was revealed. According to GameOnline, Mr. Minaba and Mr. Yoshida commented on the possibility of involving "Clan Battles" in Final Fantasy 12. "Of course FFXII will have improvements from FFX. Although we cannot say in specific...

Final Fantasy XII trailer

kula shakerz    2003-11-22    0 comments

A one minute trailer of Final Fantasy XII has been released on the net. It begins with Vaan waking up in a place that looks like a prison, the next scene shows a soldier in front of a huge army. You will also see a Judge, some Bangaas and a few battle scenes in the trailer. It can take a...

Official FFXII site updated

kula shakerz    2003-11-21    0 comments

The official Final Fantasy XII website has been updated after the official press conference. On the site you will find the prologue, in-game screenshots, movie screenshots and character information (only for Vaan and Ashe). Link >> Official Final Fantasy XII Site

First Final Fantasy XII information

kula shakerz    2003-11-15    0 comments

Just six days before the official presentation, the first screenshots and the official logo of Final Fantasy XII have surfaced in Japan. The two main characters in the game are called Van (male) and Ashe (female). The official presentation of Final Fantasy XII will take place on November the 19th in Tokyo. The game is expected to be released sometime...