Final Fantasy XIV Director Talks About The Future
kula shakerz    2014-01-02, 01:21 am.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida has posted a new year's greeting where he talks about what's in store for the game in 2014.

The first bit of news is that the beta testing of the PlayStation 4 version of the game will start on February the 22nd (same day as the Japanese PS4 launch). Preparations are well underway and PlayStation 4 users around the world will be able to participate in beta testing without having to apply beforehand. The PlayStation 4 version is scheduled to hit the shelves in April and it will support the PlayStation 4 share function and feature PlayStation Vita remote play functionality.

The team is also hard at work on the next major version update (2.2). Leviathan is preparing to unleash his fury on Eorzea, new quests, items, and recipes are being added, and the Binding Coil of Bahamut will see additional twists and turns.

Read the full post on the official Final Fantasy XIV website.


Xin    2014-01-02, 03:04 am

Leviathan as the next primal is surprising. Thought it would be Ramuh. Anyways, can't wait!

k3fka!    2014-01-02, 10:54 am

How is the game compared to FFXI? Can you do more things solo or do you need at least 5 other people to do anything at all?

kula shakerz    2014-01-02, 20:47 pm

XI was grinding hell. I remember looking for parties for hours to level low level jobs. I'll probably never play a MMORPG again :p

Xin    2014-01-02, 21:26 pm

XIV is the opposite rly. Lvling, especially after 2.1 is pretty quick. With duty and party finder it's easy to get a group, and FCs (guilds) are always looking for people. It's a decent community so far.

kweh!    2014-01-03, 01:41 am

Forming parties is not hard at all, but you can play most of the game by yourself if you like.

Magus 99    2014-01-03, 09:19 am

I remember trying FFXI a few years after it came out and all the low level zones were empty. Good to hear that they have made it possible to play solo in FFXIV.

Brendan    2014-01-03, 09:38 am

XIV is the merger of the best parts of WoW and XI, in my opinion. Great play on your own or play in a group features and the leveling isn't a chore. I dinged 20 about 2 days in... I'm psyched for 2.2 and hopefully the announcement of an expansion before the end of the year? :DDD

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