New Rogue/Ninja Class coming to Final Fantasy XIV
Xin    2014-06-12, 03:49 am.

The content continues to roll in for Final Fantasy XIV, this time in the form of a new class and job for players to choose from. The Rogue, a new DPS class previously teased in Patch 2.3, will officially arrive in Patch 2.4 when it launches this fall. As with other classes, once your Rogue hits Lv30, you will unlock the brand new Ninja Job class.

Here's a bit more info on the job from the game's director, Naoki Yoshida:

The Rogues were once thieves but through time they’ve evolved into their own respected guild. Why would a city allow a thieves guild? This is the reason they are not called thieves. Movement speed of the Rogue and Ninja will be faster than that of normal classes, and they will also take less falling damage than other classes. You can see in the video that the Rogue class adds poison to the weapons, and this is at the core of the Rogue class. Varieties of poison are added to weapons that change their properties and how they work in combat. The Ninja Job will also use these poisons and dual wielding abilities of the Rogue but also use Mudras in combinations and patterns that evolve from hand gesture to hand gesture to create Ninjutsu magic. Stealth abilities and moving from stealth into a technique will also be used by this job. The class/job is a DPS based class, with Healer and Tank classes coming later in the expansion pack.

And here's a video showcasing the new class and job. Fans of Final Fantasy VI may recognize the Ninja attire.

kweh!    2014-06-13, 00:55 am

Woot! Time for a re-sub...

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