Final Fantasy VII (Not The Remake) Is Coming Out In October
kula shakerz    2015-06-22, 17:45 pm.

Remember when we all got trolled (all is forgiven now) by Square Enix during the PlayStation Experience last year? Well the good old PC port they announced back then is coming to the PlayStation 4 on October 16th and it'll cost you $15.99/£12.99/€15.99.

The game is also coming to iOS devices but its unclear whether or not the release dates will be the same on both platforms.

k3fka!    2015-06-22, 18:10 pm

Maybe I'll get this re-release (too lazy to hook up my PS1 :p). I just wish they would also release this for the PS Vita.

kula shakerz    2015-06-22, 20:53 pm

You can get the PS One Classic version on the Vita :)

ryuzaki    2015-06-24, 00:41 am

Started to replay the PS One Classic on my vita! I still can't believe the remake is happening, been wanting this to happen for a long time. The Lifestream has an article analyzing the Remake trailer, thought it was a good read.

For anyone that hasn't read it:

kula shakerz    2015-06-24, 08:33 am

Me too :p I bought it a couple of days ago and I just got to the part where you meet Aeris in the church.

ryuzaki    2015-06-27, 04:42 am

I also just got to the church. Man so many good memories with this game.

k3fka!    2015-06-27, 15:37 pm

@kula Yeah that's true but I pulled out my PS1 instead :) My god this game is so awesome. Just hope that they don't screw up the remake.

Btw the guys over at GameTrailers are streaming a full playthrough of VII (every Friday I think). Here's part #1

Brendan    2015-07-07, 18:47 pm

I pulled out my Crisis Core special edition PSP and reloaded VII-IX on it. Hot damn, they just don't make them like they used to. Even the remake of VII will still lose something in translation, I think.

Xin    2015-07-12, 20:53 pm

Just to update, SQEX have said the October date was listed in error, and the official time frame for release is still "Winter 2015".

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