Download 9 new videos of Dragon Quest VIII

sifar    2004-03-26    0 comments

IGN has made available nine videos from Square Enix's newest installment of the Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior in North America) series. Five of the videos show mostly gameplay, while the other four show images of the main character running around new environments and some cut scenes. Link >> DQ8 Videos Page #1 Link >> DQ8 Videos Page #1

New DQ8 battle and character details revealed

sifar    2004-03-21    0 comments

With the release of Dragon Quest V (on March 25) will come a Dragon Quest VIII Premium Disc that will feature a trailer from the game. Six screenshots from the trailer have leaked out on the net and show some battle scenes for the very first time. The images indicate that maybe the characters will be shown in a dramatic...

Dragon Quest VIII characters revealed

kula shakerz    2004-03-06    0 comments

The latest issue of Jump magazine has revealed 4 new characters from Square Enix's upcoming Dragon Quest title in addition to the game's hero who has been known for a while. They are: Jessica - A pony-tailed girl who uses a whip for a weapon. Kukule - A fencer. Torode - A fat lizard man. Yangus - A stocky fighter...

Dragon Quest VIII nearing completion

kula shakerz    2004-02-27    0 comments

The latest game in the popular Square Enix's Dragon Quest series, Dragon Quest VIII is close to completion according to Square Enix president Yoichi Wada. The game is fully playable and a final release date will soon be set for the Japanese market. Dragon Quest VIII is the first DQ game to be released under the Square Enix company name...

DQ8 media disc to be packaged with DQ5

sifar    2004-01-24    0 comments

A camera-shot image of the latest V-Jump magazine revealed that a "Premium Image Disk" of Dragon Quest VIII will be made available with Dragon Quest V when it releases in Japan on March 25, 2004. It still isn't clear what the contents of the disc will be, but one can wager on it being either a new video of the...

New DQ VIII screenshots revealed

sifar    2003-08-02    0 comments

Level 5, makers of the Dark Cloud series, are working hard on their upcoming RPG titled Dragon Quest VIII. Square Enix has made Level 5 in charge of the project and they have been doing great things with the title. A Japanese release date is yet to be announced but it is expected to be around early 2004. The game's...

New Dragon Quest VIII Info

sifar    2003-07-20    0 comments

Square Enix has released some new information regarding its 2004 title Dragon Quest VIII via Japanese publication V-JUMP. The Level 5-developed PlayStation 2 title will not only feature 3D environments and characters, but battles will also be fought entirely in 3D. Apart from the usual treasure chest hunting, it will be possible to lift barrels. As you progress through the...