V-Jump Shows Advent Children Scans

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Yes, as we continually await the arrival of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, we get more and more teaser material until then. Nothing much to say except, yeah, V-Jump has some new scans for you guys. You can check them out here. Scan One Scan Two

Advent Children Theatrical Details

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Square Enix announced details on the forthcoming movie debut of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. The company briefly disclosed last month that the computer-animated movie will be hitting theaters in Japan before its DVD and UMD release, but did not outline any specific information. Admission to the movie screenings will not require any tickets, but, like most things that are...

First Advent Children Commercial and OST News

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As promised by Square-Enix, the media campaign to promote their upcoming film Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children has begun. The first commercial for the film has been made available for viewing, and though only 15 seconds in length, it features a couple new shots sure to make you anticipate the film even more than you already are. Link >> Download...

Advent Children Site Gets New Look And Sound

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Square-Enix has updated the Official Site of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, giving the site a slight redesign and adding a new song that will undoubetdly appear in the final version of the film. The Info section of the site now contains Information and Pricing info on all three versions of the film; Advent Pieces: Limited, Reguar Edition, and UMD...

Advent Children To Debut In Japanese Theaters

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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children appears to be heading to theaters after all. Square-Enix plans to premier the movie on September 8th in select Japanese Theaters, a mere six days before the DVD & UMD releases. There are also plans to unveil the film nationally on Septmber 10th. It appears this is just a limited Film Premier Engagement, and that...

New Advent Children Trailer Packaged With Steamboy DVD

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A new trailer of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is available with the DVD version of the movie Steamboy. The trailer features similar scenes of previous trailers as well as new shots, and also contains the same voice over from the E3 2004 trailer. Link >> Download The New FFVII:AC Trailer<a/> Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children will release in the...

New Advent Children Scans And Action Figures

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New scans of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children will be available in the upcoming issue of Famitsu. Featuring similar shots from last weeks JUMP feature on FFVII:AC, there are also a few new shots of the film as well as a look at a line of SD Action Figures of Cloud, Tifa, Kadaj, Yazoo, and Loz. Link >> Scan 1...

New Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children JUMP Scans

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The latest issue of JUMP will feature a two page spread on Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, including new screens of characters, locations, and a very interesting confrontation shot. JENOVA also makes her first Advent Children appearance in these scans. Link >> FFVII:AC JUMP Scans Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children will release in the US on September 13th on DVD...

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children UMD Release Date

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Square-Enix has confirmed that the UMD version of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, avaialble exclusive to Sony's PSP, will release simultaneously with the Japanese DVDs on September 14th. While the UMD version will not feature any of the Special Features available on the DVD versions, it will include a selection of the movie's Battle Music. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children...

New Advent Children And LAST ORDER Scans

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Dengeki Playstation will feature a Four Page spread on the upcoming Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children package, with a couple new shots of the film, new screens of LAST ORDER: Final Fantasy VII and some shots of the merchandise available with purchase of the DVD's Limited Edition. Link >> View The New Dengeki Scans

Details On FFVII:AC Regular & Limited Edition DVDs

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Square-Enix has revealed a list of the Extra Features to be included on the Regular & Limited Edition Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children DVDs. Over 30 Minutes of cutscenes from the original Final Fantasy VII as well as trailers of future Compilation Of FFVII games will be included on both versions. Contents Of Regular Edition DVD (Available On Regular &...

FFVII:Advent Children US Site Updated

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After disappearing for a couple of days, the Official US Site for Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children has reappeared, bigger and better than ever. Now featuring a countdown to release on it's main page, the page also features Site News, Storyline Info, Character Bios, Downloadable Content, Merchandise, and the Trailers from e3's 2004 & 2005. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children...

FFVII:Advent Children E3 Trailer + Updated Release

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Square-Enix debuted a new trailer for its upcoming film Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. The new trailer features quite a bit of action, and a new version of "One Winged Angel" that sounds strikingly familiar to the style of film composer Nobuo Uematsu's band, The Black Mages. Also very interesting is the end of the trailer, which marks September 13th...

US Release Date of FFVII:Advent Children + New Images

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The much anticipated May 16th issue of JUMP Magazine has again provided new information earlier than scheduled, as new leaked images of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children have been made available. The images feature new shots of Cloud, Kadaj, and the rest of the FFVII:AC Cast, and also confirms the appearance of Cait Sith in the film. Most interesting however...

FFVII: Advent Children Japanese Release Date

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Square-Enix and Film Director Tetsuya Nomura have announced through their Shin-Ra Special Website that Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children will release in Japan on September 14th, for a price of ¥4800 JPY ($45.40 USD). This announcement confirms both the Japanese DVD and the Special Edition DVD's release, however the additional content and pricing on the Special Edition has yet to...