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Final Fantasy XI

More Final Fantasy XI Updates

kula shakerz    2003-03-28    0 comments

Square Japan released yesterday more details about the upcoming Final Fantasy XI expansion pack Vision of Ziraat. In the announcement, the company unveiled the final character class that will make an appearance in addition to some environmental details concerning the different regions in the add-on. The new job class is the long awaited Dragon Knight (Dragoon), and is complete with...

New Final Fantasy XI Servers Added

kula shakerz    2003-03-18    0 comments

Square has recently added to new servers named Seraph (#24) and Lakshmi (#25) to the Final Fantasy XI server network. The news servers was needed because the number of subscriptions for Final Fantasy XI has reached over 200,000 and it's inceasing. The game will be released in USA sometime this year, it's still not known if it will be on...

Final Fantasy XI All-In-One Bundle

kula shakerz    2003-03-16    0 comments

The Japanese ISP Biglobe will be offering a special Final Fantasy XI limited edition set. The all-in-one bundle will include the game, the PlayStation®2 BB Unit, a Logical NetPlay Controller, the Final Fantasy XI add-on disc Vision of Ziraat, and the Final Fantasy XI Vana'diel World Report Version 021002. There will only be 400 of these sets and they will...

FFXI at GDC 2003

sifar    2003-03-09    0 comments

Final Fantasy XI was finally introduced on Game Developers Conference 2003. Both nVidia and ATI showed that FFXI could run on their graphic cards very well. The game has been running quite successfully on Japanese servers, and thus rumours have it that FFXI should reach North America soon. But nothing has been confirmed yet, only that most probably a decision...

FFXI Vision of Jirat Cover

sifar    2003-03-09    0 comments

PlayOnline has just revealed the covers of the FFXI Add-on, Vision of Jirat, through the game's official website. The covers for both the PS2 and the PC have been revealed. As we know, the Add-on will come along with the original game and cannot be purchased alone. This was done by Squaresoft so that they could focus on attracting new...

New Jobs In Upcoming FFXI Add-on

sifar    2003-02-28    0 comments

The new add-on titled Jirat no Genei will be released on April 17, 2003 in Japan. Dengeki has made available new information about two new jobs in the add-on disc. They include that of a ninja and that of a samurai. In related news, it seems that Squaresoft is selling its FFXI add-on in a bundle pack where it will...

FF XI Online Testing In America

sifar    2003-02-15    0 comments released some information about Final Fantasy XI and its' online testing which will begin in North America. Square has been stated saying that they are working on a closed beta for the North American version of Final Fantasy XI. The company will use the beta to test all the different types of internet connections and see how compatible they...

FF XI Add-on Details

sifar    2003-01-29    0 comments

Quiter has made available some information about the new Add-on coming up for Final Fantasy XI. It will be released on April 17, 2003 for approx. 3,980 Yen. That is the price for the PlayStation 2. The price for the PC version is yet to be announced. Famitsu and Dengeki gave us some more updated information along with Quiter. A...

PS2 BB Unit limited Sale

sifar    2003-01-24    0 comments

It seems that is advertising the opportunity for you to purchase a PS2 BB Unit online. But there are limited quantities and so one must hurry before they run out. The unit will cost a total of 18,000 yen which contains shipping and consumer tax aswell. It is assumed that this will only apply to those living in Japan....

FF XI wins two AMD awards

sifar    2003-01-24    0 comments

The DMA (Digital Media Association) announced the winners of the eight AMD awards and Square definitely was among the list. Squaresoft's Final Fantasy XI was given the award titled "Overall Grand Award" and also recieved the "Best Music Award". The award ceremony will take place in Tokyo on February 5, 2003.

FF XI Upgrade/Add-on

sifar    2003-01-08    0 comments

Square has made available some information about an add-on for its online MMORPG Final Fantasy XI, the vision of Jirat. This new update/add-on will contain three new locations. They are Yutanga forest, Rikyua desert and the village of Kazem. It will also contain many new monsters and over 200 new items. There will also be many new job classes such...

FFXI Has Sold 200.000 Copies

kula shakerz    2002-12-12    0 comments

Final Fantasy XI, Square's first attempt on making a MMORPG has finally hit it's target! 200.000 copies of the game has been sold. This is good news for Square since they had some problems with the service the first few months.

Final Fantasy XI Update

kula shakerz    2002-11-21    0 comments

According to a Japanese Gaming site (Quiter), Square will be releasing an expansion pack for Final Fantasy XI. The name of the expansion pack will be called Final Fantasy XI - Jirald's Illusion. Date of release and how the expansion will be sold is still unknown. But I can confirm with you that "Summons", will be added in the upcoming...

The First Official Final Fantasy XI Wedding

kula shakerz    2002-11-07    0 comments

The first official wedding has taken place in Final Fantasy XI. The lucky couple is known under the characters "Otoku" and "Jar". There was a huge ceremony with many guests and Square made some new items for this event; conffetti and a wedding ring. Good luck to them

Is Your PC Good Enough For FFXI?

kula shakerz    2002-11-03    0 comments

Want to know if your Computer is powerful enough to run Final Fantasy XI? The answer is here! Square has just released a program called "Final Fantasy XI Official BenchMark" which is an application to test whether your PC is good enough to run the first Online Final Fantasy Series, Final Fantasy XI. Here is the full instruction on how...