Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster Available in the US
Brendan    2014-03-18, 18:17 pm.

Square Enix's newest HD remaster is out now for PS3 and PS Vita! Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster features updated graphics, rearranged audio, and new content from the "international" release that never debuted in North America.

If you're in Europe and waiting eagerly for March 21, Square's got you covered with a launch trailer dubbed "an Epic Tale" which is embedded below:

Xin    2014-03-19, 01:37 am

so...this rearranged OST is pretty bad so far.

Brendan    2014-03-19, 04:17 am

I don't love it but I don't hate it either. Granted, I've heard maybe 2 hours of it so far but I will say that the revamped Besaid Island theme is gorgeous!

kweh!    2014-03-19, 05:30 am

I'm getting it tomorrow. I'll complain about the soundtrack then.

kweh!    2014-03-20, 03:39 am

The graphical upgrades are better than I expected.

Xin    2014-03-20, 23:18 pm

We need the old al-bhed translator back on the site :p

Brendan    2014-03-21, 03:57 am

I forgot about the primers and the language thing. The graphics are great and the remastered soundtrack is growing on me...

Xin    2014-03-22, 01:15 am

Still not feeling the new ost. Sounds lifeless to me.

kweh!    2014-03-22, 01:22 am

Sounds OK on my tiny vita speakers.

kula shakerz    2014-03-22, 11:22 am

I got the game yesterday by my vita hasn't been delivered yet :(

kweh!    2014-03-24, 04:45 am

I'm really enjoying it on the Vita. Being able to suspend play makes up for the lack of auto-save. It also looks really nice on the Vita's screen.

Brendan    2014-03-24, 04:55 am

The game is just ten kinds of beautiful. I forgot how many bosses there are in this game (like one every ten minutes) but I still adore the Sphere Grid. Is anyone playing it with the Expert Grid? I chose the standard grid because that's what I remember.

Xin    2014-03-24, 22:52 pm

I went expert. I feel weaker somehow, maybe in doing it wrong :p

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