FFXV Officially Delayed to Nov. 29
Brendan    2016-08-22, 04:07 am.

The wait for Final Fantasy XV just got a little longer. Hajime Tabata announced on YouTube last week that Final Fantasy XV’s release date has been delayed from September 30th to November 29th, 2016—jumping from a Friday to the more traditional Tuesday in the process. Tabata’s confirmation followed the emergence of rumors late last weekend that Square Enix provided instructions to U.S. videogame retailer GameStop about the necessary changes to signage and in-store displays.

In his video message, Tabata stated that change was motivated largely by wanting to avoid making players download a massive patch on day one and wanting to deliver a top-notch product:

“We have put our whole lives into developing this game, with the intent of bringing the highest quality of game experience to every single player who buys it. And I personally started developing FFXV from a desire to let everyone play a FINAL FANTASY that was so outstanding and amazing, that it would send other games running in panic.

I came to think it might be a mistake to just deliver the master version we have finished to everyone. So I realized that if we were to go ahead and release it, then myself and my team would wind up regretting it…I am very sorry, but I must ask for just a little more time to polish our game up some more. We are changing the release date of FINAL FANTASY XV to the 29th of November, 2016.”

I'm torn right down the middle. On one hand, this game has been in development--so what's 3 more months? On the other hand...it's three more months. Plus I braved southern California traffic for almost two hours to get to the Uncovered event in March for a release announcement that wound up being bunk, so there's that. You can watch the full video below.

kula shakerz    2016-08-25, 19:02 pm

I just hope they manage to squeeze out a few more FPS. Didn't look very promising in the Platinum demo.

Xin    2016-09-06, 02:35 am

Two months isn't long enough, it should be pushed to 2017. It just doesn't look ready.

Brendan    2016-09-07, 03:43 am

I don't know at this point it is what it is, may as well just get it out there and move on.

kula shakerz    2016-09-15, 08:38 am

Looks like they have managed to improve the performance: https://twitter.com/BenMoore035/status/776288696580440064

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