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Grandia III

Grandia III Released!

AlterGenesis-X    2006-02-15    0 comments

Yes, Grandia III has been released on the North American shores today. It is hailed to have one of the most enjoyable battle system yet. With all the fantastic RPGs that have been released in the past few months, Grandia III is sure to be another gem. Grandia III has an ESRB rating of T for Teen.

Grandia III Release Date Draws Near!

AlterGenesis-X    2006-01-24    0 comments

In an e-mail to registered members and on the Square Enix USA website they confirmed that the Grandia sequel will be released in North America very shortly. They promise to bring one of the most well-rounded battle systems with amazing combos and numerous strategy options. So, you might be wondering when this date actually is. Well, Grandia fans, mark your...

Square Enix Opens Official English Grandia III Website

kula shakerz    2005-12-07    0 comments

Square Enix has opened the official website for the North American version of its GameArts-developed PlayStation 2 RPG, Grandia III. While the site does not provide any information regarding a stateside release date, it promises the availability of a trailer movie by December 22nd. Grandia III was originally released in Japan on August 4th. Link >> Official Grandia III Website.

Grandia III Released In Japan

Xin    2005-08-03    0 comments

It's been quite some time since Square-Enix made that Major Announcement earlier in the year, officially unveiling Grandia III. We've seen the websites, met the characters and heard the music. Now, lucky PS2 owners in Japan finally get the chance to play the game, as Grandia III was released ealrier today across Japan. While a US release has yet to...

Grandia III New Trailer + Site Update

Xin    2005-07-16    0 comments

Square-Enix has relaunched the Official Site of Grandia III with a bit more of a sleeker design, as well as adding numerous mini-trailers throughout the site showing various gameplay features. The Special section of the site now contains a new full length trailer, showcasing both the in-game and cinematic sequence graphics, character voices, and excerpts of the game's music. A...

Grandia III Cover Art + History Of Grandia OST Tracklist

Xin    2005-06-24    0 comments

As previously reported, Japanese fans who pre-order Grandia III will also recieve a special bonus OST entitled History of Grandia, which will feature tracks from the series' various installments. The tracklist for the OST is as follows: 1.) Grandia Theme - Grandia 2.) Parm Town Theme - Grandia 3.) Battle 1 - Grandia 4.) Granasaber - Grandia II 5.) Kalbo...

Grandia III Theme Song And Voice Actors Announced

Xin    2005-06-22    0 comments

Square-Enix has announced that recording artist Miz will perform the Main Theme for their forthcoming RPG Grandia III. Entitled "In The Sky", the song was initially recorded in English two years ago, but was re-recorded by Miz in Japanese for the game. A relative newcomer to the scene, this will be Miz's first work in the Gaming Area since releasing...

Grandia III: The Enemies Have Arrived

Xin    2005-06-21    0 comments

Square-Enix has revealed even more new characters for their upcoming RPG Grandia III, but this time around they are of the villain variety. Led by the previously announced elder brother of Priestess Alfina, Emerius, he and his troupe will stop at nothing to gain what they want. The quartet of new enemies begins with Kornell, who wields an axe and...

New Grandia III Characters Revealed

Xin    2005-06-16    0 comments

Square-Enix has updated the Official Site of Grandia III to include the profiles of the game's two newest characters: A teenage beastman by the name of Ull, and a beautiful young woman named Dahna. Ull has lived with his village in the hidden Valley of The Dragons, where his people have acted as guardians for generations. His young and impulsive...

Grandia III: New Character, Site Update & World Map Returns

Xin    2005-06-08    0 comments

Square-Enix recently updated the Official Site of its upcoming RPG Grandia III to include two new background music samples streaming on the site, as well as an addition to the site's Character section. All this, plus the return of an old RPG favorite. The new character is a 28 year old Sailor by the name of Alonso. He leads a...

Grandia III Pre-Order Promotion

Xin    2005-05-26    0 comments

Fans of the Grandia series are in for a treat courtesy of Square-Enix. The company has announced that those who preorder the newest volume of the series, Grandia III, will recieve a bonus CD for free. History of Grandia: Sound Adventure Box will be given to those who Pre-Order the game, and includes the Official Soundtrack of Grandia III and...

Grandia III Japanese Release Date

Xin    2005-05-10    0 comments

Square-Enix has confirmed via the game's Official Site that Grandia III will release in Japan on August 4th for ¥7980 JPY ($75.56 USD) and will be a Two-Disc Release. News on a release outside of Japan has yet to be announced.

Grandia III Limited Time Trailer

Xin    2005-05-01    0 comments

Square-Enix has updated the Official Website of Grandia III to include a new trailer. The catch however, is that the trailer will only be available for viewing until May 8th. The trailer is 2:21 in length, and features the game's opening sequence as well as some shots of the characters in the field and in battle, with the game's main...

A New Character Joins The Grandia III Cast

Xin    2005-04-26    0 comments

A new character has surfaced in the pages of Weekly Famitsu for the upcoming Grandia III. As previously reported, main charcter Yuuki is a restless boy, ready to take to the skies and escape his boring homelife in search of adventure. This is a trait he apparently recieved from his dear mother. Miranda is the mother of our young hero,...

Grandia III Official Website + Story Details

Xin    2005-04-08    0 comments

Square-Enix has launched the Official Website to the upcoming Grandia III. Featuring new information on the game's story, setting, character, and battle system, as well as many new screenshots and a few gameplay demo movies within. For now, only two of the game's characters, Yuuki and Alfina, have character profiles. It is assumed Emerius will be added at a later...