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Final Fantasy X-2

FFX-2 Still Most Wanted Game In Japan

sifar    2003-02-21    0 comments

Every week, Famitsu releases the most wanted games in Japan. The rating is developed by the fans who send in their votes/submissions each week. These are then collected and based on them, it is decided what the most wanted games are currently in Japan. Final Fantasy X-2 rules the chart for yet another week. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles creeps up...

New FFX-2 Mini Game

sifar    2003-02-20    0 comments

It is reported that in the recent Famitsu magazine, Square released some information about a mini-game from Final Fantasy X-2. The game will be given the title "Sphere BREAK". The game is supposedly created by the NPC Rin (Al Bhed store owner in Final Fantasy X). The game involves become rich fast through the use of some employment. More details...

More Final Fantasy X-2 Info

kula shakerz    2003-02-09    0 comments

Square recently announced a number of new details for their upcoming Final Fantasy X sequel. Final Fantasy X-2. The game is set for a March 2003 release in Japan. The first new piece of information covers a new character, Nooj. A fighter and leader of the Young Allies, an organization rivaling the New Yevon Order in power. Before that, he...

FFX-2 Ultimania Announced

sifar    2003-02-02    0 comments

Squaresoft has confirmed that the strategy guide for Final Fantasy X-2 will be published by none other than Bent Stuff who also worked on the guide for Kingdom Hearts. The guide will be called FFX-2 "Ultimania Guide". These guides are similar to the ones we get in North American + Europe, however, there is a slight difference. The guides seem...

FFX-2 Tiny Bee Details + More

sifar    2003-01-31    0 comments

Company Vorbesteller alongside are offering buyers of Final Fantasy X-2 a limited free keychain which can only be recieved if the game is booked in advance. In competition, has offered Final Fantasy X-2 for 15% cheaper, thus lowering the price to 6,630 yen. In other news, Hori published information on its "Tiny Bee" controller for Final Fantasy X-2....

NEW: FFX-2 Video With Yuna Singing

sifar    2003-01-30    0 comments

Thats right, has just revealed a video of Final Fantasy X-2 which showcases Yuna singing with Paine and Rikku dancing. Just as mentioned before, Koda Kumi sings two tracks for the game and Yuna sings one of them. The dance sequence of Yuna is actually being done by the singer Koda Kumi who has done motion capture for Yuna....

Square To Ship 1 Million Units Of FFX-2

sifar    2003-01-30    0 comments

Quiter gave us some information on how many units, of Final Fantasy X-2, Squaresoft planned to send to Japan for its early mid-march release. And that number has been deemed as being 1 million. The game will be available March 13, 2003 for 7,800 yen which is approx. $66 USD.

New FFX-2 Headphones + Speakers

sifar    2003-01-29    0 comments

Corporatoin Di Magic has just released the REO Final Fantasy X-2 Limited Box which will be released alongside the actual game on March 13, 2003 for an approx. price of 22,200 Yen. From January 30th to March 3rd, the product can be reserved at any gaming or electronics store almost anywhere in Japan. There are 22,000 stores who accept the...

New FFX-2 Details

sifar    2003-01-25    0 comments

24 days into the month, Final Fantasy X2's official site finally updates itself again. And a whole lot of information has become available. Several images from the V-Jump magazine were present plus a lot of new images aswell which gave us some details about the Ability system in the game. There are different "dress spheres" and there is an information...

FF X-2 OST information

sifar    2003-01-23    0 comments

Squaresoft has announced many "firsts" for the game Final Fantasy X-2. For example, FFX-2 will be the first Final Fantasy game to feature a lead female character. More "firsts" have been released today as Square unveils some more information to us about its upcoming release of FFX-2's soundtrack. This time Square has decided to publish the OST with company Avex,...

New Gameplay Details

sifar    2003-01-21    0 comments

New information about Final Fantasy X-2's gameplay has been released in the recent V jump magazine. There are two new job classes which are "dark knight" and "gambler". Not much is known of these two jobs. It is only known that the "dark knight" is normally also known as a dark horseman and has very high HP, allowing him to...

FFX-2 Plot Details + Merchandise

sifar    2003-01-16    0 comments

According to sources, the blonde man who appears in the FFX2 trailer at the end of KH : FM is called Nuuji. He is the one who wears glasses and is considered as being the leader of the "youth union". This was also mentioned in Another story, about how many groups had formed after the decay of Yevon. In the...

Koda Kumi Sings For FFX-2

sifar    2003-01-14    0 comments

Avex TRACK, the company, will be publishing the original sound track of Final Fantasy X-2 which will be released in Japan on March 31, 2003. It will cost approx. 3,500 yen. Avex is also releasing a single CD with the title song of the game on the same day worth approx. 800 yen. Koda Kumi sings and dances for Squaresoft...

FFX-2 US Release Confirmed

sifar    2003-01-11    0 comments

Squaresoft confirmed today that Final Fantasy X-2 will be released in North America for the PlayStation 2. FFX-2 is the first game to be a direct sequel to a Final Fantasy game. The game is also the first FF game to have an all star female cast. This game is expected to become the hottest game of the year in...

First FFX2 Goodies!

sifar    2003-01-02    0 comments

At the recent Jump Festival in Japan, accessory supplier, Hiro, showcased some goodies for the FFX2 game. First they showed some memory cards which had some nice posters with them. They were of Rikku, Pine, and of Yuna. Click the image Below to see the link. FFX2 Memory Cards They also showcased the two guns of Yuna. They should become...