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The Best from the Rest

Brendan    2007-01-10    0 comments

European media study group The Independent in London concluded a report that listed the most successful, best-selling franchises of all time. Six games were made in the United States, eleven in Japan, with the rest sprinkled about the globe. Our very own beloved Final Fantasy series came in at number three with an estimated 68 million units worldwide. Appropriately, Nintendo’s...

A Final Lineup

Brendan    2006-12-23    0 comments

Square's got themselves a website with all the Final Fantasies--past and present--conveniently located in one blob of information. The icons all link to the respective sites; be sure to check out the Revenant Wings website, which has made the TGS 2006 trailer public at last. Enjoy it here!

Good Bye to Wi-Fi

Brendan    2006-12-19    0 comments

Square Enix confirmed today that they will not be taking advantage of the Nintendo DS’s Wi-Fi technical capabilities. This action was announced in the decision to drop the function from its upcoming Front Mission DS port. Also, Square Enix has reportedly scrapped the multiplayer mode from the recently announced and still undated Seiken Densetsu: Heroes of Mana. Square Enix cited...

JUMP Festa line-up announced

kula shakerz    2006-11-27    0 comments

Square Enix revealed its line-up for next month's JUMP Festa 2007 on their official website. Among the booth's highlights will be new trailers of the Final Fantasy XIII games as well as playable versions of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (finally!) and Dragon Quest Swords. See below for the complete list of titles they are bringing to JUMP Festa. This...

Go Big or...Go Home?

Brendan    2006-11-21    0 comments

On Friday, Square Enix posted its sales figures for the end of the recent fiscal quarter, and the results were a bag of mixed goodies. Topping out the list for Japanese territories is the mega-hit NDS revamp Final Fantasy III, with an estimated total of 840,000 units. In Europe, Kingdom Hearts II was off to an impressive start with 540,000...

"We're Richer than Expected..."

Brendan    2006-11-16    0 comments

Square announced today that they're bumping up their numbers for the six-month fiscal period that terminated on September 30, 2006. They expect their total earnings to tally up at about $27.9 million USD. The company attributes this primarily to the unexpected success of Advent Children, and some complicated tax-policy shift in the accounting department. Go figure. Square Enix can just...

Numbers, Numbers, Who's Got the Numbers?

Brendan    2006-10-15    0 comments

In a story that's entirely unrelated to anything SE-ish, Weekly Famitsu--the magazine that awarded Final Fantasy XII a perfect 40/40--recently did a poll of their readers to see who would even be buying a next generation console. "Which next-generation console do you wish to play the most?" Readers answered with: 47.9% - None 35.6% - PlayStation 3 13.6% - Wii...

Final Fantasy Not In The New Itadaki Street

kula shakerz    2006-10-03    0 comments

Famitsu has recently released information regarding the new Itadaki Street game for the Nintendo DS. They reported that Final Fantasy characters will not be appearing like they did in the previous version of the game (FF & DQ in Itadaki Street Special). Itadaki Street is a Square-Enix monopoly type game that involves moving around on a 3D board, using characters...

News Updates: Final Fantasy III & Final Fantasy XII

Brendan    2006-10-01    0 comments

So it's been a big week to say the least. With the closing of the Tokyo Game Show last week, Square Enix wooed the hearts of millions with the announcement of new games like Re:Chain of Memories (PS2), Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix (PS2), Final Fantasy VI (GBA), Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings (NDS), It's A Wonderful World (NDS), and...

Tokyo Gigante Numero Tres

Brendan    2006-09-23    0 comments

Hey, it just never ends for those Japanese folk in Tokyo, does it? Well, along with the flood of other information accompanying Crisis Core, Versus XIII, Revenant Wings, Agito XIII and It's A Wonderful World, Square Enix has announced a few other projects at their theater at the Tokyo Game Show. Chief among them, which I entire overlooked this morning,...

Tokyo Gigante Numero Dos

Brendan    2006-09-22    0 comments

Final Fantasy Versus XIII: The trailer shown reveals a blue haired man, a king of some sort, leaving his throne room and building to fight individuals that would steal the crystal from his home. A fight scene ensues, and the King apparently overwhelms them. The outside world is portrayed as heretical and chaotic, and the King-like individual easily beats his...

Tokyo Gigante Numero Uno

Brendan    2006-09-22    0 comments

It's A Wonderful World: Tetsuya Nomura is hard at work on this newest title for the Nintendo DS. Set in Modern day Japan, you play as Neku, a young boy who has the ability to read other people's hearts. Neku meets Tsuki, a young girl, and together the two must play a mysterious game. The game takes place primarily in...

Matsuno At Work Elsewhere

Brendan    2006-09-20    0 comments

Many remember Yasumi Matsuno as the acclaimed director of Final Fantasy Tactics, Vagrant Story, and Final Fantasy XII. Unlike any other directors, Matsuno holds the extraordinary record of having directed two games (Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy XII) to be venerated and acclaimed with perfect scores by the hard-line Japanese magazine Famitsu. Having pioneered and directed a majority of FFXII, Matsuno...

Despite Woes, SE Moves Ahead

Brendan    2006-09-12    0 comments

Despite recent stress due to the Soft-World lawsuit, Square Enix has reason to be happy. Many players of casual internet games such as Bejeweled 2, Insaniquarium, Chuzzle and others can wistfully recall hours blown away like seconds while sitting in front of a computer somewhere playing the games in question. They've all in one way or another weasled themselves into...

Full Square TGS Lineup

Brendan    2006-09-06    0 comments

So I'm a little late? Anyways, as stated earlier, both FNC games will be showcased in video format at the highly anticipated, around the corner Japanese E3 (before it was trashed) equivalent: The Tokyo Game Show. But, in addition, there will be several other games to be played and viewed, as developed by square Enix. The titles to be shown...