FF:CC's release is pushed to August

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Square Enix announced today that it would push back the release of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles in Japan. The GameCube title was supposed to be released on July the 18th, however, due to there being a few bugs, Square Enix decided to push its release date back to August 8, 2003. This decision came about due to the bad experience...

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles OST

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The original soundtrack of Square Enix's GameCube RPG Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles will be available in Japan on July 30th 2003. The two-disc album, which has been composed by Kumi Tanioka (known for working on Final Fantasy XI's OST alongside Nobuo Uematsu and Naoshi Mizuta) will cost 3,200 yen (27.39USD).

Official FF: Crystal Chronicles site launched

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As previously announced Square Enix opened the official Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles site on May the 16th. The site is flash based and in Japanese. However the navigation is in English so it's easy to find your way around. In the "Field" part of the site there is a little movie, just click on the 3rd image near the bottom...

More FF: Crystal Chronicles details

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Akitoshi Kawazu revealed more details regarding Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles in an recent interview. Joining Kawazu is veteran director/producer Kazuhiko Aoki, character designer Itahana, and composer Kumi Tanioka, who last worked on Final Fantasy XI's soundtrack. Players in the single-player mode will be able to use a standard GameCube controller or a Game Boy Advanced. While in the multiplayer mode...

Official FF:CC site updated

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Square Enix has updated the website of its first GameCube RPG Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Following the game's debut on North American soil at the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles this month, the company will open the offical website on May 16th. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles will be available in Japan on July 18th and sometime later in...

FFCC playable at this years E3

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According to CubeIGN, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles will make an appearance at the big Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) this May. Not only will it actually show videos of the game, but will also be playable by audience memebers. FFCC is an action RPG game that features real-time 3D graphics and a brand new battle system. A North American release date...

FF:CC US release date?

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American Gaming website, IGN.com, has reported that EB (Electronique Boutique) determined Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles' North American release date to be on November 3, 2003. It is known that EB gets their release dates from trusted sources. However, with several months to that date it is assumed that changes could be made. As for Europe, Nintendo continues to state that...

Final Fantasy: CC Release Date (Jap)

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Square has confirmed the release date of its first GameCube RPG, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. After programming troubles that delayed the original release of Spring 2003, a new date is set for release in Japan on July 18 2003. Square will also come with an important announcement during the game's unveiling, that will take place at this years E3. Still...

FF : CC release might be delayed

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Quiter's source, anonymous, has mentioned that Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles release date might be delayed in Japan. It was assumed that the game would be released in Spring 2003, but rumours have it that this date could be pushed all the way into the summer. The reason is because the battle system of the game has not yet been completely...

FF: Crystal Chronicles Gets Delayed

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According to Quiter, Square's first GameCube title Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles will be pushed back for an unspecified period of time due to problems with the game's battle system. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles was previously listed for a spring 2003 release in Japan.

New FF : CC Title Tong

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Some information about the upcoming GameCube title Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. The main theme song is "Kazenone" and is being sung by singer "yae". More information about her career in the world of singing can be found on her website. The lyrics or the genre of the song is yet to be revealed. But it is assumed that it'll be...

New FF : CC Details From VJump

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The news post before this one contained new magazine scans from VJump Magazine. Some details of the information provided by the scan have now become available. Firstly, Moogles (Mogli in Japan) have returned and seem to be wearing multi-coloured trousers. Similar to Final Fantasy IX, the moogles will take the job of delivering messages of the inhabitants in the land....

FF Crystal Chronicle Info

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Square's first GameCube title, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle, will be released sometime during spring 2003. The game's epic story will center around crystals and mana. The game will support to four characters, each being able to use a GBA as a controller. Through the handheld's display, players can keep track of their character's stats and position on a map. While...

More FF: Crystal Chronicle Details

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Square continued its string of announcements during this week's company conference by releasing more details on Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicle. Four GBAs can be connected at a time, one for each player, enabling simultaneous play. The GBAs will display health information for the player's character and only for that character, as status info will not be visible on the main...

Final Fantasy: CC Absent From TGS

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Although there was much speculation that Square's first Final Fantasy for the GameCube, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicle, would make its official debut at this year's Tokyo Game Show, the game was unfortunately nowhere to be found not even on video or in company pamphlets. Nintendo apparently didn't want to have it shown at TGS because the company doesn't showcase its...