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Square Released More Unlimited Saga Details

kula shakerz    2002-10-04    0 comments

Square has released some new details on their PlayStation 2 RPG Unlimited Saga. Three new characters are revealed. The first is Radu, a delivery boy who likes to dress up himself to attract the girls, he is an archer in battle. The second is Ruby, the younger sister of a famous fortune teller, but her own skills are still very...

Jang Ootori Tower

kula shakerz    2002-10-03    0 comments

On October 7th at noon Square plans to launch a new service on PlayOnline - Jang Ootori Tower. This mahjong game will only be available for the Playstation 2 version of PlayOnline, along with Final Fantasy XI and Tetra Master. It will bear an additional monthly fee of 300 yen, and odds are it won't be carried over to North...

Square To Release FFVIII RV for PC

kula shakerz    2002-10-03    0 comments

Square will re-release the PC version of Final Fantasy VIII in Japan. While the actual game has not undergone any changes, the re-release will feature a new packaging design. Final Fantasy VIII RV will be available today and retail for 6,800yen (55.50USD).

Final Fantasy XI Updates

kula shakerz    2002-10-03    0 comments

Square has revealed details on Final Fantasy XI's October update, which was implemented today. Apart from fixing various bugs from previous updates, the newest update has tweaked the game's previously problematic balance during party play, and improved the abilities of the job class beast tamer (the time period between catching beasts has been reduced from 5 minutes to 15 seconds)....

Squaresoft to Organize Strategic Meeting

kula shakerz    2002-10-02    0 comments

According to Daily Yomiuri, Squaresoft will organize a strategic meeting with its investors and shareholders. The meeting will take place on October 22nd. In the meeting Square may reveal their new and upcoming projects. Rumors are that they will reveal the release dates of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicle and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance at the meeting. We will keep you...

Unlimited Saga Release Date for Japan

kula shakerz    2002-09-30    0 comments

Today, Square released some excellent news today concerning the release date for their upcoming PlayStation 2 RPG, Unlimited Saga. The Japanese release day is set to December 19, 2002. This is superb news for Square fans everywhere but there is still wait on when we will be expecting to see Unlimited Saga else where.

Final Fantasy XI US Release!

kula shakerz    2002-09-29    0 comments has listed Final Fantasy XI into their pre-order category. It is priced at US$49.99 and says to be shiped on 02/15/2003. Althought this has not been confirmed by Square USA, it could be an early sign of reminding. Sony has yet to release their HDD Unit and Square to introduce PlayOnline service to the US.

Official Chocobo Land Site Is Open

kula shakerz    2002-09-28    0 comments

Square has opened the official site for Chocobo Land. The game will be released on the GameBoy Advance. Chocobo Land is a dice game and was previously known as Chocobo De Dice and will support multiplayer with up to 4 players. So far there isnt much you can do on the site there's just a short flash intro and a...

Kingdom Hearts II&III?

kula shakerz    2002-09-27    0 comments

KINGDOM HEARTS 2 and 3 are now under production says SQUARE representitives in JAPAN. KH 2 is said to be out as early as March of next year and the US/PAL versions are said to be released in summer of 2003. We'll keep updated on this as more news gets released.

Final Fantasy: Unlimited After

kula shakerz    2002-09-26    0 comments

Squaresoft is making a new game based on the Japanese Final Fantasy TV series. The game will be on the cell phone, and is the sequel to Final Fantasy: Unlimited. The game is going to be known as Final Fantasy: Unlimited After. The game is a side story featuring the characters from the TV show. Final Fantasy: Unlimited After is...

Major Event In Final Fantasy XI!

kula shakerz    2002-09-25    0 comments

The event will take place on Saturday, 28th of September at 22:30 in Japanese time zone. This event will span across the whole network including all servers. All participants are to gather around the entrance gate of San D'ora Castle (Dorague). This event does not have any requirements, so all players are welcome to participate, althought the percentage of you...

TGS: Final Fantasy I&II Details

kula shakerz    2002-09-25    0 comments

Square showed off its latest Final Fantasy compilation in its booth at the Tokyo Game Show. The latest compilation for the PlayStation will include both Final Fantasy I and II. Both games will also be available seperately. Like Square's previous conversions to the PlayStation, the games will feature enhancements over the NES originals. Like Square's previous PlayStation compilations of its...

Nintendo Japan Launches Promotional DVD

kula shakerz    2002-09-24    0 comments

Nintendo Japan has decided to release a promotional DVD in Japan. Along with other GameCube games, the DVD will feature: a video of The Legend of Zelda presented by Shigeru Miyamoto, Game Designer Studio presentation of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, a trailer of Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II and videos of Zelda GBA,...

Updated Navigator For PS2 BB Unit

kula shakerz    2002-09-24    0 comments

PlayOnline Japan recently announced that an update for their Navigator software has been released in Japan. The Navigator software is a connection utility for Square's first Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG). This update supposedly fixes minor bugs that the old version had, along with giving access to different connection options.

TGS: Chocobo Land For The GBA

kula shakerz    2002-09-23    0 comments

More news from Square from the Tokyo Game Show, this time new screenshots and artwork from the upcoming GameBoy Advance title Chocobo Land previously known as Chocobo De Dice on the Woderswan Colour. The game will allow multiplayer support of up to four players and it's tentatively release date is set somewhere at the end of this year.