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FFX-2 Demo At TGS

kula shakerz    2002-08-29    0 comments

It has been confirmed that Square will present playable demos of both Final Fantasy X side story games at this year's Tokyo Game Show. One of the games is set to star FFX heroine Yuna, while the other stars the thief Rikku. No details have been released on what kind of gameplay elements each will take from the original, but...

Tokyo Game Show Game List

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Tokyo Game Show is now set to debut a number of highly-anticipated and long-rumored titles. SquareSoft will present 11 games at the Tokyo Game Show, one of them will be Final Fantasy XII! Tokyo Game Show 2002 takes place September 20-22. Here's the complete list of games that Square will present: Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy X 2: Rikku Final...

FFXI Limited Edition Packaging

kula shakerz    2002-08-23    0 comments

Squaresoft revealed a Limited Edition packaging for its upcoming MMORPG for PS2, Final Fantasy XI. The package will contain the game, a special artbook illustrated by Yoshitaka Amano, and four emblems representing the four countries in the game. The whole thing will come in a special box. The Special Edition will be available on September 26th and will sell for...

Final Fantasy I&II Soundtrack

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Japanese music publisher Digicube has acquired the rights to publish the Final Fantasy I&II soundtrack in Japan. The two soundtracks will be released on one CD for 2,800 yen. Digicube previously brought the Chrono Trigger OST to America when the game was remade on the PSX, so slight hope can be held out for a similar release for Final Fantasy...

Kingdom Hearts News

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Square has released details about the English theme of Kingdom Hearts. The song, which was recorded by Japanese singing sensation Utada Hikaru, will be entitled Simple and Clean, an english version of the japanese theme, Hikari. Kingdom Heart's game director, Tetsuya Nomura was quoted saying, "Utada is the only artist I envisioned singing the theme song for Kingdom Hearts"; "Her...

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicle

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Famitsu magazine has reported that you have to own a GameBoy Advance to be able to play the new game Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicle on the GameCube. The game developeres are currently ironing out the details on how to incorporate the multiplayer and GBA link-up elements, but official word is that both systems are required to play.

Play FFXI On PC In Japan

kula shakerz    2002-08-22    0 comments

SquareSoft will be offering Beta Testing of Final Fantasy XI later this week, you will only be albe to play at Necca cyber cafe chain in Akihabara and Shibuya, Japan. Beta testing participants will have to sign a beta testing form and for 500 yen (about $5 USD) per hour, they can play FFXI with all of the character features...

Kingdom Hearts Pre-Launch Party

kula shakerz    2002-08-20    0 comments

Square EA LLC will hold a Kingdom Hearts Consumer Demo Day at the PlayStation Store in San Francisco on August 23rd from 02:00 until 06:00 pm. Playing Kingdom Hearts roughly one month prior to its release sounds good to you? It gets even better, as the game's director and character designer Tetsuya Nomura, as well as voice actors David Gallagher...

Final Fantasy I&II Info

kula shakerz    2002-08-19    0 comments

Square has released some new screen shots of their upcoming PSone RPG remakes Final Fantasy I & II. The games are scheduled to release in Japan on October 31, for 3800 yen each. A Final Fantasy I & II Premium Pack will be released for 8800 yen. In Final Fantasy I, there is a class change system, each job class...

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicle

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After five years of frozen relations, Square and Nintendo finally struck a deal to work together again in March of 2002. The joint project is headed by Square's Akitoshio Kawazu, creator the Romancing SaGa series and part of the Final Fantasy development team. Known as Game Designer's Studio, it's first Gamecube title is a new entry in Square's biggest series...

FFXI art book announced

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Just because Final Fantasy XI is online doesn't mean some series traditions aren't being continued, as Square is set to release a book of art based on FFXI. The cover, as well as much of the art within, is done by longtime Final Fantasy conceptual artist Yoshitaka Amano.

Kingdom Hearts Consumer Day

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In anticipation of the impending release of Kingdom Hearts, the first Disney/Square game, Square EA is holding a "Kingdom Hearts Consumer Day" at the Playstation store in San Francisco. Kingdom Hearts posters will be given away on a first come, first serve basis, though copies of the game itself will remain out of reach until the September 17th release. Those...

FF 1&2 Official Site Released

kula shakerz    2002-08-13    0 comments

On August 9th, 2002, Squaresoft Japan unleashed the Official Final Fantasy 1&2 website. When first entering this awsome website, you are greeted with a small opening movie (just a tiny fracture of the actual opening movie for Final Fantasy 1). After the movie, there is tons of eye candy and information that will leave your cleft pallet satisfied for a...

Square Unveils GBA Lineup

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Square has announced its official lineup of games for Nintendo's new console, Gameboy Advance, and the list is looking good. Four games were officially announced for the GBA, along with their Japanese release dates. The games are: Chocobo Successor - Late 2002 Final Fantasy Tactics - Winter 2002/Early 2003 Seiken Densetsu - Summer 2003 Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicle - Spring...

FF I & II Special Box Announced

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As already reported in previous news articles, Square will release Final Fantasy I & II in Japan on October 31st of this year. The games will retail for 3800 yen a piece. Here are some great news for hardcore fans, square has officially announced that they will also be releasing a premium package that includes both games and 3 action...