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KH Final Mix Gets A Release Date

kula shakerz    2002-09-15    0 comments

Squaresoft has announced the Japanese release date for Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix. The game will be released on December 26th, 2002. The game will contain additional bosses which will include Sephiroth. This version will have all the enhancements which will be included in the North American versions. The game will have English dubbing with Japanese subtitles, and an English version...

FFTactics Open!

Ikuzo    2002-09-13    0 comments

Playonline has opened the the FFTA site. But it is still on coming soon and at the moment, there is a big counter that is counting down for the launch of the site. is the address to this newly opened site. It is going to be launched on the day Tokyo Gaming Show is open.

Hanjyuku Hero!

Ikuzo    2002-09-12    0 comments

Hanjyuku Hero has been revealed by Weekly Jump and V Jump. It looks like Hanjyuku hero is a PlayStation 2 game. It goes under the category, real time simulation, and it does look a little interesting. What is Hanjyuku Hero? It all started from 1988 on NES. It was the mother of the "Summon System" which we all know from...

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Official Site

Ikuzo    2002-09-12    0 comments

PlayOnline has launced their Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Official site. It contains information on the Final Mix version as well as English Voice clips, added characters and events that never happened in the Original Version. Here's the link to the official site: KH Final Mix.

FFXI Update Info

Ikuzo    2002-09-12    0 comments

PlayOnline has put up a section regarding the recent update they did for the Final Fantasy XI servers. Although the downloading of the update took at least 1 hour on 56k, it seems like the users are enjoying it. Changes/updates/features: - Title Screen background was changed. Level Cap streched to Lv.55 Before the update, the level cap was Lv.50. To...

FFXI Online Live Manga

Ikuzo    2002-09-11    0 comments

PlayOnline launched their FFXI Online Live Managa on September 9th 2002. This Volume.1 of the Live Manga is titled "Got Friends?" The Managa is about the author, Miso Suzuki and her experience in playing Final Fantasy XI. However, this Manga is mostly comedy, for example, Miso meets Ito from Square and gets questioned about the Managa Section being 3 months...

Square Develops Hanjuku Eiyuu

kula shakerz    2002-09-09    0 comments

Japanese magazine Weekly Jump reported that Squaresoft is developing a new rpg for Game Boy Advance called Hanjuku Eiyuu which translates to "Help Done Hero". The game was published on the WonderSwan Color on February 14, 2002. It is not yet confirmed if the game will be a port of the WSC version. Details are scarce about this title at...

2nd Vana'diel Survey

Ikuzo    2002-09-06    0 comments

According to the servey done on 16/8/02 11:00, the following data were the results for the percentages players are using for their jobs. Warrior looks like winning the popularity contest. Warrior - 27% Monk - 13% White Mage - 16& Black Mage - 12% Red Mage - 12% Theif - 10% For the extra job, Beastmaster had 0.2% against...

Nobiyo's Tale

Ikuzo    2002-09-05    0 comments has been continuing their "This is Uematsu!" section for quite a long time now. They have the main content "Uematsu Radio" which is now on it's 9th series, as well as Uematsu's diary and news section. But there was one section that was blocked out. It was the Fan Club section of Nobuo Uematsu. Uematsu himself had talked about...

FF: Crystal Chronicle Release Date

kula shakerz    2002-09-05    0 comments

Square announced the release date for its upcoming GameCube rpg, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicle. Square said that the game should be on Japanese shelves during Spring 2003. FF: Crystal Chronicle will focus on an action-oriented gameplay system rather than the traditional role-playing system featured in its predecessors. Other details are scarce about this title, but we will keep you updated...

FFXI Art Box In Limited Quantities

kula shakerz    2002-09-05    0 comments

Square's Final Fantasy XI Special edition Art Box (previously reported as an art book) will be only released in Japan in limited quantities. A relatively paltry 50,000 units will be hitting electronic stores across the country. The box features the work of many artists, including renowned Final Fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano. Unfortunately, with an American release unlikely, it's probably time...

More FFTactics Advance

Ikuzo    2002-09-05    0 comments

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance just keeps looking better as Famitsu, a Japanese gaming magazine reveal more of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance's hidden details! Detailed Intro: Marshe Radius lived in a rough family. Soon he had to move out to live in a small village called St.Evalise. Marshe was having some difficulties getting used to the village lifestyle but without really...

FF Themes Available For Cellphones

kula shakerz    2002-09-03    0 comments

Namco has announced that starting this week, it will offer six Final Fantasy themes for the three major Japanese cellphone services i-mode, J-Sky and EZweb. Below the first six track available through the service are listed... Final Fantasy I - Opening Theme Final Fantasy I - Main Theme Final Fantasy II - Main Theme Final Fantasy II - Battle Theme...

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix

Ikuzo    2002-08-31    0 comments

More details on Kingdom Hearts Final Remix has been revealed by a popular Japanese magazine "Jump". It looks like FF7 fans will be excited. Kingdom Hearts Final Remix can be taken as a international version. All the character voices are in english, which also means all the Disney characters are acted by the real people! Also, extra characters were added...

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Ikuzo    2002-08-31    0 comments

What it seemed as a remake turned out to be a whole new game. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance begins with a mysterious book. It has an ability to turn the world into a world of "Swords and Magic". A group of 3 modern day students venture the world, in search of a way to restore the world to its normal...