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Square Conducts FFXI Survey

kula shakerz    2002-08-09    0 comments

Square is currently conducting a web-based survey with randomly chosen PlayOnline registrants. The survey is probably being used to gauge interest in Final Fantasy XI and to see if a PlayStation 2 or PC version is preferable. The questions consist of these questions, among others: How many fee-based online RPGs do you currently play? How often to do you play...

Disney Auctions Kindom Hearts Items

kula shakerz    2002-08-08    0 comments

Disney is presently auctioning off 25 copies of Kingdom Hearts, tickets to the pre-release party in LA and an art print signed by Tetsuya Nomura. The auctions are being held at Disney's aution site via eBay. Click here to bid.

Special FFXI Box

kula shakerz    2002-08-07    0 comments

A special Final Fantasy XI box will be released in Japan on September the 26th. The retail price will be at 7900¥ (or around $66.00 US). Square has not confirmed what will be included in the package as of yet, but it is assumed that it will be the latest build of Final Fantasy XI as well as the latest...

US Release Date For Kindom Hearts

kula shakerz    2002-08-06    0 comments

Square has announced that Kingdom Hearts will be released on September 17th in the US. Disney will make a large marketing blitz to ensure high sales. Expect trailers on Disney Home Videos this fall. Square has added some new extras in the US version: new difficulty modes new boss battles a surprise appearance by a Final Fantasy villain as one...

FFI & II Japanese Release Dates

kula shakerz    2002-08-02    0 comments

SquareSoft are currently working on enhanced versions of Final Fantasy I and II for the PSOne. Finaly the release dates are revealed. SquareSoft will be releasing FFI & II (sold separately) for 3800 yen (about $32 USD) on October 31, 2002 in Japan. Also to be released on that day is the Final Fantasy I and II Premium Pack for...

FFXI: Another Bug

kula shakerz    2002-07-19    0 comments

It should come as no surprise that Square has discovered yet another bug in Final Fantasy XI. There are apparently some places in the game where, due to the geography, players can battle enemies and avoid all return attacks. Square has not said if this can be done against any significantly powerful monsters, but considering their urgency on correcting the...

Final Fantasy Re-Releases

kula shakerz    2002-07-19    0 comments

Square will be releasing Final Fantasy I and II once again this fall, but not for the Wonderswan color as had been previously announced. Instead, this fall, the two games will be released on the PSOne in Japan. No announcement has been made as of yet for an American or European release.

FFXI Cartoon In The Works

kula shakerz    2002-07-19    0 comments

PlayOnline has announced that Squaresoft Japan has just started publication on a cartoon based on the online series Final Fantasy XI. The article also states that a trailer showing the Teacher/Doctor Suzuki is in the works. No release date has been announced as of yet, but chances are further information will be released sometime within the following weeks. In other...

Unlimited Saga Official Site

kula shakerz    2002-07-19    0 comments

Square has officially launched the site to their upcoming Playstation 2 release, Unlimited Saga. A Macromedia Flash trailer and a site index is all that is available at the site's present state. This installment of the saga series will feature a whole new style of gameplay and will take place in a new century. To access the site and see...

Unlimited SaGa Confirmed

kula shakerz    2002-07-19    0 comments

Confirmation of the newest SaGa game, entitled Unlimited SaGa was made in Famitsu's latest print. The game is being headed by Akitoshi Kawazu, whose credits include other SaGa Frontier games and the Legend of Mana. Also noted was a new battle system, to be a change from that found in SaGa Frontier and SaGa Frontier II. The game has a...

Financial Predictions

kula shakerz    2002-07-06    0 comments

Square has recently made a announcement on their financial predictions for this year. The blotched FFXI launch set their profits back 80-100 million yen, or around 600,000-800,000$ US. In addition to the PC release in Japan before the year's end, and the North American release, Square said that the launch problems would not hinder their profits in the coming term....

Final Fantasy XI Server Upgrades

kula shakerz    2002-07-02    0 comments

Square will shut down the Final Fantasy XI servers today July the 2nd from 9-11 am. This is done to increase the amount of times players will encounter rare monsters. The servers will also be shut down on July the 9th, this time the servers will be upgraded to a new version of the game, there will be new quests...

Kingdom Hearts Additions

kula shakerz    2002-06-30    0 comments

Square has announced that they will be including a few extras in the domestic version of Kingdom Hearts. Namely, the extras are a new, harder difficulty setting and a couple new bosses. No details have been revealed on which new characters the bosses might be, but we'll keep checking and report as soon as we learn something.

Over 90,000 FFXI Players

kula shakerz    2002-06-29    0 comments

Koichi Ise, a member of Square's Network Engineering Department, announced that Final Fantasy XI now has over 90,000 registered users, with a record of 55,000 users on the servers at one time. Though the FFXI’s launch met difficulties, the glaring problems have been resolved; as Square strives on to reach its goals of 250,000 registered users worldwide.

Welcome to Square Insider!

kula shakerz    2002-06-23    0 comments

Welcome to Square Insider! The site has finally opened after weeks of planning and programming. I wanted to make a simple but cool looking design that was easy on the eye and I think I have succeeded pretty well. Some of you may remember Final Gamers (, this is the same site. It had the same staff and the same...