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Official Final Fantasy X-2 Site

kula shakerz    2002-10-28    0 comments

Square has just opened the official site for the upcoming game Final Fantasy X-2. The game is the sequel to Final Fantasy X and its starring Yuna as the main character. The story of the game takes place after they killed Sin (Final Fantasy X).

News From The Square Meeting

kula shakerz    2002-10-23    0 comments

The annual SquareSoft meeting is over, it was held in Tokyo on Tuesday 22nd October. During the meeting Square presented the upcoming games: Final Fantasy X-2 (PS2), Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (GC, GBA), the remakes of Final Fantasy I&II (PSOne), Final Fantasy XI (PC), Chocobo Land: A Game Of Dice (GBA), Unlimited SaGa (PS2), Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix (PS2), Final...

Final Fantasy XI PC GamePad

kula shakerz    2002-10-19    0 comments

Eelecom has announced that they will release a special USB gamepad for Square's Final Fantasy XI for Windows. The JC-U1112V, which supports USB1.1 under Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, features a digital and analog mode as well as two analog sticks, one digital control pad and eight buttons. The JC-U1112V will be available on the same day as Final Fantasy XI for Windows...

Final Fantasy X-2 Is Revealed

kula shakerz    2002-10-19    0 comments

After weeks of speculation and just four days before Square's analysts' meeting on the 22nd, the first screenshots and details of the sequel to Final Fantasy X have surfaced. We saw the first images from the game durig the Tokyo Game Show but Square made us thake it down. The game is combining the Yuna and Rikku scenarios, rather than...

Release Date For Chocobo Land: A Game Of Dice

kula shakerz    2002-10-18    0 comments

SquareSoft has revealed the release date for its upcoming Game Boy Advance title, Chocobo Land: A Game of Dice. The game will be a board/dice game. The game was originaly ment for the WonderSwan Color but was finaly released on the GBA. The game will support multiplayer with up to 4 players. The game will be released on December 13,...

New Square Game Soon!

kula shakerz    2002-10-17    0 comments

In the newest issue of Famitsu, the preview for next issue indicates that it will debut the first information about a new "well-known" role-playing game from Square. When we read "well-known" we can hope that its related to Final Fantasy XII! We previously revealed that Square will be holding a share holders' meeting later this month, on the 22nd, which...

New Unlimited SaGa Characters

kula shakerz    2002-10-17    0 comments

Square has revealed some new characters for its Unlimited SaGa. The new characters are: a blonde without a name, Judy and Cash. The story of the game is about a person (the main character) who is going on a adventure to find the seven wonders of the world. If the seven wonders are brought together, then the Gods are supposed...

Square To Develop New Online RPG

kula shakerz    2002-10-15    0 comments

According to RPG Zone, Square President, Mr. Youichi Wada has announced his plans to develop a new Online/Multiplayer rpg for the Playstation 2 and the PC. The game will be similiar to Square's own Final Fantasy XI. No details has been released about this title, and this may well be just a rumor. The title is scheduled for an early...

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Cards

kula shakerz    2002-10-14    0 comments

In an effort to promote Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Square will release a special card which will contain 500 points. The points can be used to pay on the web for Final Fantasy XI and other PlayOnline games. Only 500 cards will be produced, so this is a collector's item. The card will retail for ¥1410.

Final Fantasy XI Coming To USA!

kula shakerz    2002-10-13    0 comments

Square officially unveiled the complete PC version of online-only PS2 RPG Final Fantasy XI at a press conference in Tokyo today. The fact that it exists (and is coming out November 7 in Japan) isn't exactly news—what is news is president Yoichi Wada's announcement that a U.S. version is definitely in the works. Officially titled Final Fantasy XI for Windows,...

Final Fantasy XI PC Presentation

kula shakerz    2002-10-11    0 comments

Square has held a presentation for the PC version of its PlayStation 2 MMORPG Final Fantasy XI for Windows today. At hand were not only Square President and CEO Youichi Wada, but also representatives from Intel and nVIDIA as well as Dell. Intel and nVIDIA supported Square in bringing the PS2 game to the PC platform and optimizing it for...

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance During 2003

kula shakerz    2002-10-10    0 comments

Squaresoft announced that their upcoming rpg for the Game Boy Advance, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance will not be appearing this year. According to Dealer lists, the game will only be released in Japan sometime in 2003. The exact release date is unknown. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance will have several new features such as the Region Create System, Clan System and...

No US Release For FFXI?

kula shakerz    2002-10-10    0 comments

Square has recently reached the 120,000 Final Fantasy XI/PlayOnline user mark, roughly 60% of the userbase Square requires to break financially even. However, it may not be possible to break the mark any time soon were PlayOnline only available to Japanese gamers. Registrations have increased slowly since the service was introduced in May, most likely due to a botched launch...

FF X Vocal Collection Set For Release

kula shakerz    2002-10-09    0 comments

Sqaure will be releasing Final Fantasy X Vocal Collection on Decemeber 4th in Japan at a retail price of 2,381 yen. No track listing has been revealed yet, but those who played through the game can guess what some of the more likely choices will be.

Square Tops Gaming Polls

kula shakerz    2002-10-06    0 comments

Media Works, a japanese polling company held a survey to find out what game and game company was held in highest esteem by students who have aspirations of joining the gaming industry in the future. 300 students were polled and asked to name their favorite game series, designer and company. Square sits pretty atop all 3 categories. The poll was...